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AdvisoryCloud is expanding the market for advisory work with innovative board structures, virtual advisory boards, and 1:1 advisor meetings, connecting thousands of executives each year with stimulating advisory work in new and exciting ways.

Start advising exciting
companies today.

For the first time ever, executives can take a proactive approach to landing advisory work as an available advisor on AdvisoryCloud.

Executives receive a dedicated advisor profile, listing in our directory of available advisors, and can immediately join up to three advisory boards being sourced and managed exclusively by AdvisoryCloud.

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Innovative Virtual Advisory Boards

From the 100,000+ startups founded each
year to public and private companies who’ve
been sourcing from the same talent pool, our
innovative programs and digital board format
provide a better way to establish, manage,
and get value from an advisory board.

Startup Advisory Boards

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Corporate Advisory Boards

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PE / VC Advisory Boards

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Non-Profit Advisory Boards

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A brand new format for
advisory work.

Get insights from 100+ senior executives with
less time and hassle than the traditional
board format.

Our advisory board programs allow companies of all
sizes to assemble an advisory board of 100+ senior
executives in a matter of weeks. Each quarter,share your
challenges and opportunities through a Quarterly
Advisor Briefing and receive direct responses with unique
advice, diverse suggestions, and specific solutions from
your advisors.

Build Your Advisory Board

Leverage our network of 12,000+
advisors in a number of ways.

Leverage our network of
12,000+ advisors in a
number of ways.

1-1 meetings, project based advisory
work, and formal board positions are
some of the ways to use advisors on

We’ve democratized advisory work, allowing
companies and executives to connect and solve
business problems of all types and scale. You’ll be
amazed at the level of talent that’s now just a
click or phone call away through AdvisoryCloud.

AdvisoryCloud Customer Testimonials

Dr. Irina Agoulnik

CEO, VESTI Intelligence Corp.

Placed with Assured Science Exchange

My first advisory board position is a perfect fit
for my professional background.

Christian Sweetser

Senior VP Financial, Planning and Analysis

Silverado Senior Living, Inc.

Placed with LoanCheck Inc

AdvisoryCloud has been terrific. I have used many other professional networking services/sites with varying degrees of satisfaction and AdvisoryCloud handily beats all of them.

Mary McDougall

Vice President, Astia

Placed with BuiltSpace

I applaud AdvisoryCloud’s effort to disrupt an industry that’s been dependent on ‘who-you-know’. In my first seven months, I was invited onto an advisory board.