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AdvisoryCloud produces c-suite executive rankings based on statistical and algorithmic analysis of executive performance across 24 key areas.

Our proprietary methods for evaluating and ranking executives play a key role in the operation of AdvisoryCloud’s global marketplace that connects companies with advisors across 124 industries and 50+ professions. We use our data sets and understanding of executive talent from the rankings to guide our matchmaking process between companies and advisors, ensuring that companies find the advisor best suited for their current challenges and opportunities.

A sample of the 24 categories that we measure:

  • Experience in the role
  • Business results during tenure
  • Board Member Appointments
  • Significant professional achievements
  • Published thought leadership (books, speeches, articles, media mentions)
  • Technology adoption
  • Education
  • Industry/professional reputation
  • Peer recommendations and nominations


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Top CSOs of 2013

This accolade from AdvisoryCloud is a reflection of all of the hard work my five thousand teammates have put in at AOL and I am honored to accept it on their behalf. Arthur Minson, CFO, Time Warner Cable

It is truly an honor to be identified by AdvisoryCloud as a leader in the industry. It speaks volumes of the outstanding work done by the investments team at UPS and I find myself extremely fortunate to be associated with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals. Brian Pellegrino, Chief Investment Officer, UPS

I am honored by AdvisoryCloud’s recognition among my peer group and feel privileged to be a CMO at this exciting time of customer revolution. Elisabeth Charles, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer at PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.

I very much appreciate AdvisoryCloud’s recognition of our work at Thomson Reuters to strengthen the underpinnings of our marketing activities with data-driven intelligence.  I am privileged to work with an exceptional executive team and a marketing organization focused on driving our business to continued success across the globe.

Tobias Lee, CMO, Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting

AdvisoryCloud has assembled a ranking of HR Leaders who are helping to shape and transform the organizations and industries of which they are apart.  It is both humbling and an honor to be among those selected. Josh Friedlander, Chief Human Resources Officer, Latham & Watkins LLP

I am pleased to be chosen for AdvisoryCloud’s 2012 CMO Ranking. Behind every marketing leader, there is a team. I have been fortunate to have managed an incredible team of marketing professionals who deliver world class marketing and should share in this recognition. Vince Ferraro, CMO, Kodak

Being acknowledged among one's peers is among the most meaningful recognition possible. What an honor to be placed on such a prestigious list alongside some of today's true Marketing thought leaders. Evan Greene, CMO at The Recording Academy

I am grateful for the recognition by AdvisoryCloud but realize that it is actually an acknowledgement of the stellar work done by the finance staff at AutoNation, the tremendous leadership provided by Mike Jackson, and the dedication of the thousands of AutoNation associates who deliver world-class customer experiences everyday at our stores.

Michael Short, CFO, AutoNation

I’m honored by the recognition and pleased to be counted among a roster of CMO’s managing some of the finest brands in the world. Diane Dietz, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, SAFEWAY INC.

I am extremely honored, humbled and grateful for the recognition by AdvisoryCloud for making the TOP CMO for 2012. I truly realize that it is a combination of many things and want to recognize that my professional path led me to MonaVie. Jeff Cohen, CMO, MonaVie

I am honored to be included in AdvisoryCloud’s listing of top CFOs, particularly because I consider this to be a testament to the capabilities and accomplishments of Avis Budget Group’s outstanding finance team around the world. David B. Wyshner, SEVP & CFO, Avis Budget Group, Inc

Working on an iconic American brand like Reader’s Digest, with the full support of RDNA’s management team and a dynamic sales and marketing team made this ranking possible. Thank you Execrank for this recognition, and thank you to my team. Mark Josephson, Vice President & Chief Sales Officer, Reader’s Digest


1. Scott Downing, VHA Inc.
2. Timothy Cole, Del Monte Corporation
3. Mark Josephson, ReaderÕs Digest
4. Jim Kropp, TI Automotive
5. Mike Handelman, HNTB Corporation
6. Kristin Merlo, Washington Dental Service
7. Krishna Kottapalli, SCIOinspire Corp.
8. Hari Murthy, iGATE Corporation
9. Chris Gandolfo
10. James Guild, PSCU Financial Services Inc.
11. Joe Grispo Jr., B. Braun Medical, Inc.
12. Mark Komine, Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
13. Stephen Murphy, DJO Global, Inc.
14. Paul Farinacci, Nationwide Credit, Inc.
15. Robert Mark, Liberty Medical Supply
16. Terry Davis, Pavestone Company
17. John Bryan, First Health Group Corporation
18. Shawn Thurman, Glazeros
19. Ashley Chaffin Glover, RealPage, Inc.
20. Mark Marcucci, Alpha Baking Company, Inc.
21. Mark Phelan, Progressive Medical Inc.
22. Ben Milsom, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
23. Steve Arloff, Continental Envelope Corporation
24. Derek Dearwater, Naturade, Inc.
25. Jeff Quade, Global Experience Specialist, Inc.
26. Wayne Butts, Western Dental Services Inc.
27. Dean Massab, Roush Enterprise, Inc.
28. James Fournier, Dickerson Petroleum Inc.
29. Stephen Berthold, Eastern Shipbuilding Group
30. Thomas Rizzi, WorkflowOne LLC
31. Steve Head, Implus Footcare LLC
32. Anthony Jowid, The Rabine Group
33. Doug Kari, Arbitech, LLC
34. Pam Minear, CompleteRx
35. Anne Marie Faria, HealthPlan Holdings
36. Robert Smiland, Monrovia Nursery Company
37. George McGourty, Computer Services Inc.
38. Bill Thayer, Bloom Energy Corporation
39. Mark Sonders, Vertafore, Inc.
40. Chris Wichers, Pegasus Solutions, Inc.
41. Jack Baxter, One Call Medical
42. Phil Graham, Financial Independence Group
43. Spencer Pringle, Rollover Systems, Inc.
44. Jim Beutel, UMC Inc.
45. Mark Crass, Red Arrow
46. Kary Royer, AL-KO Kober Corp
47. Brian Soderholm, American Cybersystems
48. Christopher Swan, Bollman Hat Company
49. Jack Kennedy, M/A-Com Technology Solutions, Inc.
50. Jeff Wendorf, L&S Electric Inc.
51. Keith Kratzberg, Epson America Inc.
52. William Jetter, Medico Life Insurance Company
53. Bob Swanson, Warehouse Direct Office Products
54. Tom Stigler, The NPD Group, Inc.
55. Ken Ullman, PetroLiance LLC
56. Jim Miller, BridgeLux, Inc.
57. Marty Dunne, Intercall, Inc.
58. Gidget Peddie, Managed Health Network
59. Steven Byrnes, Kennebunk Savings Bank
60. Todd Carlson, Carlson Systems
61. Tom OÕNeill, ISCO Industries LLC
62. Matthias Walter, Hydromat, Inc.
63. Jason Mrachina, Dee Zee Manufacturing
64. Patty Corley, Big G Express, Inc.
65. Nathan Stilwill, PALADIN Consulting Inc.
66. Jim Moise, Good Technology
67. Bill Taylor, Sea Star Line, LLC
68. Chris Mitchell, MMC Group
69. Brian Throneberry, API Systems Inc.
70. Brett Olszewski, KP Corporation
71. Larry Helms, Tiburon Inc.
72. Steve Brewer, Origin Healthcare Solutions
73. Jeremy Cooper, Hobsons US
74. Peter Krauss, Plasticard Locktech International
75. Scott Rudy, The SAVO Group
76. Marvin Johnson, Intermodal Support Services, Inc.
77. Thomas Bianco, Operative Media, Inc.
78. Jay Stuck, Secure Watch 24
79. S. Anthony Iannarino, SOLUTIONS Staffing
80. Suzette Musgrove, Dental Select
81. William Kretsinger, Sr., American Central Transport Inc.
82. Tim Allen, Evolve IP LLC
83. Peter Ransome, Westbrook Technologies, Inc.
84. Melody Peevy, Waldman Brothers
85. Chris Orlando, Scale Matrix
86. Colleen Daly,
87. Stuart Long, Capsule Technology
88. Jeff Tennant, Raycom Sports
89. Eric Davis, National Media Services, inc.
90. Chris Paradise, Haas Outdoors, Inc. d/b/a Mossy Oak
91. Frederick Harmon, Thunderstone Software LLC
92. Peter Scott, Englewood Marketing Group
93. Chad Plageman, Adams Outdoor Advertising
94. Shane Ham, Foley Equipment Company
95. Shawn Fabors, RISC Insurance
96. Kirk Varga, International Environmental Alliance
97. Michael Branch, Du Brows Nurseries Inc.
98. Barry Bulakites, Table Bay Financial
99. Marc Van Gerven, Q. Cells
100. Brad Goldoor, Imomentous
101. Stacie Habegger, AppleOne, Inc.
102. Len Liptak, MicroDental Laboratories
103. Terry Turner, InterAct Public Safety
104. Terry Gaffney, Akers Pakaging Service Inc.
105. Jason Harrington, Ontario Systems, LLC
106. Staci Kring, Schreiber Foods, Inc.
107. Ryan Golden, Gilbert Displays Inc.
108. Tom McNamara, Global Compliance Services
109. Dave Hanaman, C3i, Inc.
110. Scott Smith, API Healthcare Corporation
111. Daniel Foster, Megapath Inc.
112. Donald Siler, MRS BPO LLC
113. Robert van Gilse, Rohrer Corp
114. Justin Zavadil, American Solutions for Business
115. Arthur Harre III, Haviland Enterprises
116. Jim Freeman, High Touch, Inc.
117. Linh DePledge, DTRIC Insurance
118. Troy Kirk, PacificSource Health Plan
119. Will OÕShea, 3PD, Inc.
120. John Sotiroff, SafeWorks LLC
121. Dan Laba, Horner Millwork Corp
122. Ivan Shulman, Radiate Media
123. Brandon Wood, Homeland HealthCare
124. David Addaman, The Network
125. Ron Ferguson, Forney Industries, Inc.
126. David Peters, Tribe Mediterranean Foods Company LLC
127. Eric Holmen, Silverpop
128. David Barrett, Fios, Inc.
129. Bill Dolny, MedAire, Inc.
130. Dennis Jakubowicz, MDI Achieve
131. Angie Clifton, MDI Achieve
132. Kevin Groves, Alpha Video & Audio, Inc.
133. Albert Dahbour, Wakunaga of America
134. Arlene Petrush, EWI Worldwide
135. Dave Cerroni, Price Engineering
136. Jamie Campise, LTD Financial Services, LP
137. Parker Stair, Mastercraft Boat Company, Inc.
138. James Zeldin, Default Resource
139. Lawrence Whittle, Model N, Inc.
140. James Cody, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries Inc.
141. Chauncey Kupferschmid, Silkroad Technology
142. Robert Bobbett, CenterBeam, Inc.
143. Carl McCauley, AFS Technologies, Incorporated
144. Eduardo Guerrero, Softtek
145. David Gilley, ADS Logistic Services
146. Jeff Young, Patch Rubber Company
147. Mark Logan, BackOffice Associates
148. Duncan Beniston, ChemBridge, Corp.
149. Cynthia Frick, Dealer Tire, LLC
150. Thomas Lynch, US Foods, Inc.
151. Frank Grant, Adreima
152. Stanley Roach, You Technology
153. Steve LaCroix, Minnesota Vikings
154. Richard Wyckoff, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
155. Matt Green, Coverity Inc.
156. Joseph Pate, Accel, Inc.
157. Pat Chavanu, PMSI Inc.
158. Wally Hayward, Chicago Cubs
159. Alison Draper, Creative Loafing
160. Joe Galvin, ClickFox, Inc.
161. Kevin Kearns, ShopperTrak
162. Al Rainaldi, Profiles International, Inc.
163. Stewart Sweda, Careington International Corp
164. Thomas Pautz, Charles & Colvard
165. Jon Siglar, Pacific Compensation Insurance Company
166. Bob King, Madison Concourse Hotel and GovernorÕs Club
167. David Vice, NTT Data Group
168. Jeff York, Paycom
169. David Rocchino, Health Advocate Inc.
170. Bill Harrison, DecisionOne Corporation
171. Randy Nilsen, Sigue Corp
172. DeAnne Dale, ShortÕs Travel Management
173. Chris Wood, CentroSolar America Inc.
174. Richard Dery, Cumberland Farms Gulf Group
175. Scott Mittl, Insaco Inc.
176. Jeff Klie, The Smith & Oby Company
177. Mark Immekus, QPS Employment Group
178. Chris Bruce, The Skilled Trades Company
179. Steve Terp, Tribridge
180. Jim OÕConnell, NASCAR
181. Douglas Layman, Gilsbar, Inc.
182. Kobe Verdonck, Northgate Arinso Inc.
183. Curt Schacker, Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
184. Brett Elhami, Coastal Tag & Label Inc.
185. Michael Clear, Home Security of America
186. Karen Lynch, DataSafe
187. Jaydeep Patel, GCE Market, Inc.
188. Mikell Parsch, The Coaches Training Institute
189. Kris Green, FiftyOne Global Ecommerce
190. Richard Taylor, Accelerated Care Plus Corp.
191. Don Miller, Medallion Entry Systems, Inc.
192. Dan Gallery, Allonhill
193. Mike Hrabe, Quantum Retail Technology, Inc.
194. Alfonso de la Nuez, User Zoom
195. Hari Natarajan, Unify Square, Inc.
196. Dave Wilcox, Continuity Engine, Inc.
197. Christer Berg, EvoApp
198. William Miller, ii2P LLC
199. Shawn Sweeney, Orion Mobility
200. Karl Holzthum, Echopass Corporation
201. Stephen Paul, Jefferson Electric Inc.
202. Kathy Barton, Bits Limited
203. Peter Russell, WEEK-TV
204. Scott Doneghy, Fire Equipment
205. Brian DeSoto, Fourier Systems
206. Jason Green, Health Connect Partners
207. Alex Treadway, The Daily Caller
208. Jeff Wilmot, Hardrives Asphalt Inc.
209. Craig Ban, Gold Star Products
210. Matt Carr, King Filtration Technologies, Inc.
211. Brent Nibarger, bioVIGIL Systems
212. Scott Bruder, Diligent Delivery Systems
213. Richard Ross, The Wellness Corporation
214. Allen Jackson, Hollander Consultants
215. Jody Heard, Rycan Technologies, Inc.
216. Cami Parks, Eastern Data, Inc.
217. Brendon Cadell, Reutax Corp
218. Al Fiandaca, SpectraSoft, Inc.
219. Ted Nakakariya, Tamura Corporation
220. Christina Corley, CDW Corporation
221. Stephen Spengler, Intelsat Corporation
222. Lenny Chesal,
223. Al Deshon, Cordua Restaurants
224. George Flaherty, Envision Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
225. Kevin Takabayashi, Stir Foods, LLC
226. Elizabeth Walter, RainKing Solutions, Inc.
227. Robert Murphy, MindBody Software
228. Stephen Moran, ICON Advisers Inc.
229. Kevin Dumont, Performance Business Forms Inc.
230. Christian Parker, Nashville Predators
231. Bill Pollie, RightAnswers, Inc.
232. Lawrence Lineker, Hub International
233. Martin Fishman, Portrait Display Labs Inc.
234. David Haworth, Cougar Mountain, Inc.
235. Kevin Dattolico, Virtustream Inc.
236. Joel Warady, Enjoy Life Foods
237. David Sank, Calico Cottage Inc.
238. Mark Fernandez, Tampa Bay Rays
239. Steve Francis, Zultys, Inc.
240. Robert Soloff, American Christmas Inc.
241. Frank Capps, Save Mart Supermarkets
242. Fred Macciocchi, Velocity Solutions, Inc.
243. Holly Tsourides, VideoIQ, Inc.
244. Mark Kerstens, Solexel, Inc.
245. Stephen Evans, Perdue Farms Incorporated
246. Jim Tran, Trustcomm, Inc.
247. Matt Perry, Engent Inc.
248. John Ciszewski, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
249. David Brown, Veredus Corp
250. Philip Hogan, Openet Telecom


The higher one climbs on AdvisoryCloud’s list is assuredly correlated to the strength of one’s team. Randy Brandoff, CMO, NetJets

I’m honored to be included amongst such a strong contingent of thought leaders and understand that any recognition is a function of the great team at Intuit Andrew Westergren, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, Intuit

It’s an honor to be on this distinguished list of marketing and communications leaders. The ranking is a reflection of the hard work and passion of my colleagues throughout who are transforming the enterprise software industry. Jane Hynes, Senior Vice President, Public Relations & Comunications,

I am honored to be included with the outstanding leaders in my field in the AdvisoryCloud CFO rankings and recognize that neither GameStop nor I would be successful if it weren’t for the thousands of passionate, dedicated associates we have around the world. Rob Lloyd, EVP & CFO, Gamestop

Seeing the outstanding talent assembled here, I can honestly say that it’s an honor to be in the company of the many outstanding communications professionals on the AdvisoryCloud list. Any success I have comes from the support of my company and the strength of the communications team that surrounds me each day at MasterCard. Chris A. Monteiro, Group Executive, Worldwide Communications, MasterCard Worldwide

It is great to be included on this terrific list of thought leaders in marketing and see that AdvisoryCloud has incorporated criteria that reflect the evolving focus of our work as CMOs. Deborah Meyer, SVP & CMO, Pulte Group

I am honored to be included by AdvisoryCloud alongside a distinguished group of leaders in my field. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the senior management team and my many exceptional finance colleagues at ABM. Dean Chin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller, and Chief Accounting Officer, ABM Industries

It is an honor to be recognized for the work we do at Land O’Lakes, Inc on behalf of our member-owners, and to be included in this prestigious group of colleagues and peers. Barry Wolfish CMO, SVP Corporate Strategy, Land O'Lakes, Inc

I am delighted to be included in AdvisoryCloud’s 2012 Top CFOs. It is an honor to be among this distinguished group of CFOs. It’s a reflection of the accomplishments of my dedicated team of finance professionals at Ingredion Incorporated. Cheryl Beebe, EVP & CFO, Ingredion Incorporated

While I appreciate the acknowledgement by AdvisoryCloud, I view this largely as a reflection of the great Marketing team at Fifth Third Bank, and the historic strength of this organization in executing major initiatives. Larry Magnesen, SVP & CMO, Fifth Third Bank

"I'm honored to be included in the AdvisoryCloud CMO rankings for 2013.  It's amazing to join this incredible list of the most talented marketers in the industry today."
Chris Lindner, CMO and SVP Business Development, Sperry Top-Sider

I am excited to be ranked among some of the best marketing minds in the world.  My success is a result of the great work of the Simmons marketing team who is bringing a new level of excitement to an industry that sells the ultimate fix for life's problems - sleep. Jeff Willard, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Simmons Bedding