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Steven Michalove is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 35 years of success across the hardware, high-tech, cybersecurity, cryptography, e-government, cryptocurrency, manufacturing, biomedical, medical economics, offshoring manufacturing, content networking, and robotics industries. Leveraging extensive experience in regulatory compliance, cryptography, quantum computing, and isotopes recycling, he is a valuable advisor for an organization going through change. His broad areas of expertise include quantum computing, emerging technologies, cryptography, physics, and rapid prototyping.

Throughout his executive career, Steven has held leadership positions with, Amazon, and Microsoft.


April 2018 - Present

Chief Technology Officer - -

  • Launched a new Indie media company in Seattle
  • Published two books and a new theory of time and unified the standard model of physics
  • Wrote a total of 25 academic papers for quantum computing

November 2016 - January 2019

Privacy / Infosec Strategist Engineering - Amazon

  • Built enterprise compliance programs and other compliance frameworks alongside the legal department and reported findings directly to the board of directors/audit committee
  • Developed a protocol for mapping systems and data
  • Led the development of a three-year strategy for privacy and data governance

March 2006 - November 2016

Principal Security Architect - Security Accelerators for Emerging Technologies and Threats - Microsoft - Microsoft

  • Managed mobile security policy, standards, and planning
  • Oversaw the development of the consumerization of IT plans and risk mitigation as well as Board of Directors reporting
  • Contributed to the engineering, architecture, and deployment of multi-platform access strategies for both network services and cloud services edge
  • Evaluated emerging technologies for strategic impact on Microsoft's risk profile

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