Kevin Small

BGA Media Group, Inc - President & Founder - BGA Media Group, Inc

Strategic Sr. Executive & Entrepreneur with expertise in business development, digital marketing, e-commerce, & startups

Advisor Biography

Kevin Small is an accomplished Senior Executive and Advisor with more than 25 years of success across the marketing and advertising, eCommerce, retail, animation and entertainment industries. His broad areas of expertise include digital strategy, brand development, marketing strategy, lead-gen, advertising, and SEO. Kevin is the President & Founder of BGA Media Group , where he leads a boutique digital marketing consultancy specialized as a catalyst for online strategy and eCommerce growth. He has successfully catapulted numerous brands and businesses to the next level, achieving double or triple-digit growth. He has domain expertise in fashion, beauty, online retail, luxury, alcohol and spirits, home furnishing, real-estate, and hospitality. Kevin has also served in a various consulting and advisory roles for several best-in-class agencies including RAIN, a leading-edge agency for Voice and Conversational AI; DotBox, a fashion-centric eCommerce platform later acquired by MDC, Posner Advertising, a premier real-estate and hospitality full service advertising agency; Digital Dimension, an Emmy-Award winning visual effects studio; and Alpha Vision, a leader in architectural animation and CG renderings for the homebuilding industry. Kevin obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in French Literature from Connecticut College. He is based in Delray Beach, FL with offices in Miami, NYC and Santa Monica.


2008 - Present

President & Founder - BGA Media Group, Inc - BGA Media Group, Inc

  • Leads a boutique digital marketing consultancy specialized as a catalyst for digital strategy and eCommerce
  • Conversion optimization and UX Strategy for brands fostering double and triple-digit growth
  • Serves as a fractional Chief Digital Officer to clients and leverages an A-list network of best-in-class digital agencies and online media vendors to provide an instant ramp-up.

2010 - 2015

Digital Strategy & Business Development (Consultant) - RAIN - RAIN

  • An award-winning digital agency that designed, developed and produced unique experiences through social media, marketing, and branded content
  • Focused on large-to-medium-scale custom software application development for the web, desktop, and mobile
  • A leader for Voice and Conversational AI

2011 - 2013

Fractional CMO (Consultant) - DotBox - DotBox

  • Enabled social at the core of the eCommerce experience by empowering users to interact with one another during critical browsing and path to purchase
  • Dotbox’s social commerce suite enables relationship marketing and integrates easily with existing CRM and loyalty systems

Advisor Skills

Digital Strategy

Brand Development

Digital Marketing

Digital Media



Advisor Industries

Apparel and Fashion

Luxury Goods and jewelry

Spirits and Wine