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History is changing I want to find myself on the right side of positive change.

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Dr. Deirdre ClarkCEO/Clark Clinical Consulting LLC

I have many interests. However, my career has been primarily focused on clinical research and how to improve and enhance the lives of patients all over the globe in various capacities.  I am not in a box free thinker you cannot address one area of patients lives without looking at all variables that affect them from housing to employment to physician implicit bias. Research is the quiet and silent machine that drives innovative health care and we are the engines who run it.

By providing a voice, quality data, quality systems and assurance to ensure a safe product has been delivered through remote global teams. I care about people so my priorities aren’t shifting my focus is.....#healthcareresearch  #diversity #telemedicine #wellness #humanexperience #training #advocacy #healthcaredisparities #patientsfirst

Clinical Research Consulting:Clinical Research Monitor, Medical Affairs,  Clinical, Regulatory and Project Management. I am particularly skilled in accurate data acquisition, study management, regulatory submissions,  CRA, Investigator, ICH GCP training, diversity, patient safety, relationships, recruitment, clinical research, and trial analysis. Although, primarily focused on the pharma/biotech and healthcare industry, (applicable to any regulated industry) independent monitoring and unbiased assessment, project management, and quality review #hemp and medical cannabis industries that currently not regulated as stringent as it should be.

Consulting on pain-management, medical Cannabis Hemp and CBD product validation and clinical trials. CNS, GI , OA, RA, PsA and other therapeutic indications #covid19 innovative tools #practicemanagement #telemedicine #telemonitoring The current healthcare of crisis needs to be addressed.Key Words:#FDA ICH/GCP Training, Team Management, Team Building, #CRA Training, CRA Mentoring, HIPAA, Site Training, Investigator Site Training.

Global training initiatives. Diversity recruitment, #medical affairs, global site and investigator training.#cbd #medicalcannabis #painmanagement #hemp #product #thc #clinicaltrials #telemedicine #virtualclinicaltrials #virtualmedicine #telehealth #bridgethegap #healthcarecrisis 

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November 2012 - Present

CEO - Clark Clinical Consulting LLC

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