Victor Arocho

I have a sales performance company with a Sales Transformation System (S.T.S.) that trains growth-minded entrepreneurs.


Victor Arocho An expert in strategic planning, sales systems and processes, goal achievement, and leading people who have any influence on sales. This expertise sets the foundation for fast sales growth and scalability.

We only work with experienced leaders who realize that a critical eye is a valuable thing, and any shortcomings must be addressed to improve their growth plans.

We focus on creating and executing sales S.O.P.s to provide scalability and consistency for long term growth.

Our sales transformation system has helped our clients to grow an average of 47%, with several serious players growing over 100% and unleash high performance within their teams.

Our process starts with a Free exploration meeting that may lead to an audit and discovery project of all aspects of your sales environment.

Upon completion of the audit discovery process, we create a discussion document that entails: 

  1. Your Challenges 
  2. The implications of these challenges if not fixed.
  3.  Our Solutions to fix these challenges once and for all.
  4.  We prioritize with you to determine where can make the most immediate impact in generating revenue as fast as possible. 
  5. A Chart providing a 10 to 1 return on investment.
  6. If we determine that we cannot provide a minimum R.O.I. of 10X, we walk away as friends.
  7. If the solutions we provide are not actionable, we return 50% of the Audit and Discovery fee.

Once agreed to begin the initial phase

We then create a management service agreement and a scope of deliverables for the 1st transformation 

If on the 90th day the deliverables do not start transforming your sales team, we part ways. 

This system is delivered both virtually and on-premise, depending on your urgency and bandwidth. We can execute Monthly or Quarterly each requiring a full-day session, respectively.

We record and transcribe all virtual meetings, how-to videos to create an internal library that documents a repeatable process for faster scalability.

Documented and systematized processes increase the valuation of your company.


We expect from you:

  • Leadership takes ownership and is involved or aligned
  • All Teams are held accountable
  • The company must be prepared to change
  • You must confront the facts
  • Do not expect things to happen overnight. Good things take time

The S.T.S. program energizes, rejuvenates your company, and provides an exciting visible future.


Do you feel you qualify for this program?

August 2012 - Present

CEO / Founder -

  • Delivered presentations for an entrepreneurs organization and insurance conferences
  • Transformed sale professionals
  • Focused on growth mindset people

October 2011 - Present

Sales Development Expert - Potential Sales & Consulting Group

Potential Sales & Consulting Group

  • Led company growth of 400% and grew a satellite office by 200%
  • Increased revenue and the stock price by 1200%
  • Worked with clients with revenue between $5M to $100M
  • Managed 60-70 salespeople, we've evaluated over 2M salespeople

August 2007 - September 2011

Founder/President - The Responsive Auto Insurance Company

The Responsive Auto Insurance Company

  • Raised $16M
  • Managed $400M in premiums

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Turn Around Management

Sales Management

B2B Sales

Executive Coaching

Company or executive-specific business strategy

Victor's values: learn and grow, mentor, have fun, family first, chivalry and balance

All about transformation and motivation

Can build sales armies