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Todd is a highly accomplished branding & Marketing Leader, C-Suite Officer, Board Member, and Consultant with 25 years of experience working with clients that include Nikon, Verizon, Pepsi, and Lord & Taylor. 

Leveraging extensive experience in B2B and B2C brand strategy, and having worked with Fortune 500 companies down to early-stage start-ups, Todd is a valuable asset for companies looking for acumen in branding and marketing strategy, innovation, and growth. His broad areas of expertise include brand creation, brand positioning, brand identity, and strategy. 

In his executive career, Todd has held leadership positions at brand x (Founder/CEO); TOMORRO\\\ (CCO); Cummins&Partners (Partner/CCO); dc3 (Founder/CEO); and Irwin Slater (Co-Founder/CEO). As a strategic consultant, Todd currently delivers transformative brand strategy and creative services direct to CEOs, C-Suite executives, and founders – working one-on-one at the highest level enables him to tap directly into the purpose of the organization and collaborate with the leaders who have the deepest passion for the company’s brand vision and success.  

Todd has served on boards and advisory councils, including for Cummins&Partners; Irwin Slater; and dc3. He has also long presented industry-leading brand strategy to boards, C-Suite officers, and senior executives. Visit brand x

Visit brand x.


2016 - Present

Founder & CEO, brand x - brand x

2016 - Present

Chief Creative Officer, TOMORRO\\\ - TOMORRO\\\

May 2009 - October 2015

CEO and Chief Creative Officer - dc3

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