Ted Bernstein

Owner - Life Cycle Financial Planners, LLC

Fee based insurance consultant to help with purchase of new insurance or to review inforce coverage. 25+ years

Advisor Biography

Ted has been recognized as an innovative life insurance professional and fee based consultant. Often hired as a consultant, Ted works with clients to help them understand and implement insurance and annuity strategies. Over the course of his career, he has helped insurance companies bring new products to market. For large insurance acquisitions, there often are numerous proposals from competing agents. Sometimes, these competing agents are friends or family members. Serving as a cosultant, Ted strictly represents the insurance buyer, offering critical impartiality and unbiased advice. This is especially helpful in jumbo cases. As a premium financing expert, Ted is available to help life insurance buyers understand and manage the risks of premium financing. Ted is helpful reaching the best decisions concerning the financing structure and the policy being considered.

As a life insurance and annuity professional, Ted specializes in business owned life insurance strategies, personal life insurance planning and guaranteed income retirement solutions. He is a valuable advisor for life insurance buyers who want the right products and concepts at the lowest cost. Ted is especially helpful in:

  • life insurance product selection,
  • succession planning, 
  • company owned life insurance (COLI),
  • premium financed life insurance,
  • selling unwanted or un-needed life insurance,
  • retirement income planning,
  • guaranteed income annuities; and
  • tax deductible life insurance strategies for businesses. 

He specializes in placing jumbo life insurance policies ranging from $10M to upward of $100M. Ted has helped major life insurance companies create and market innovative new product alternatives over the course of his career. Ted was educated at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Northwestern University. Originally, he is from Chicago and now lives in Southeast Florida.


1985 - Present

Owner - Life Cycle Financial Planners, LLC - Life Cycle Financial Planners, LLC

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