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Stephen Roulac is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 40 years of success in all finance and investment functions through the transportation, communications, real estate, retail, hospitality, restaurant, and technology industries. Leveraging extensive experience with starting and building businesses, Stephen is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on scaling growth, particularly with distinctive and disruptive activity. His broad areas of expertise include innovation, international perspective, real estate, evaluation, Fintech, data analytics, transformation, strategy, growth, sales, business process improvement, regulatory compliance, governance, and crisis management. 

For four decades, Stephen has served as the CEO of Roulac Global, LLC, a global strategy and financial economics advisory firm that advises on significant decisions of investment banks, institutional investors, family offices, and public and privately held companies and government agencies, primarily regarding their involvements in real estate and the capital markets. Stephen’s company can advise on either internal motivation or an external threat for clients, ranging from investors and their advisors, substantial property owners, entrepreneurs and real estate companies, lawyers, and their clients. Crisis strategies can deal with complex and difficult decisions to proceed with innovations, transformation, and new business model to help organizations succeed. Stephen draws upon his vast knowledge through innovation in many factions, numerous industries, and bringing in a global perspective of working in 100 countries.

Stephen holds a PhD in Strategy and Finance from Stanford University Graduate School of Business; a JD, Corporate and Property from the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law; an MBA in General Management from Harvard Business School, and a BA in Economics from Pomona College. He has served as a Professor of Global Property Strategy at the University of Ulster and a Professional Speaker on various topics for the world’s best companies.

“There is nobody righter or brighter and no one more intellectually pure in his approach to real estate.” – San Francisco Business Journal

“Stephen Roulac is to finance as Einstein is to physics” – Dean Dilip Dasgupta, ICFAI


January 1969 - Present

CEO - Roulac Global, LLC - CEO Company NameRoulac Global, LLC

July 1968 - Present

Professional Speaker, World's Best Companies - World's Best Companies

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