Stephen Jones

Chief Technology Officer - R3SOLV

Transformational Senior Executive with expertise in strategic planning, business development, and startups

Advisor Biography

Stephen Jones is an accomplished Executive, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success across the IT industry. Leveraging extensive experience with cloud analysis and integrating cloud-based technologies, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance on restructuring its technical operations or implementing digital, intent-based marketing strategies. His broad areas of expertise include disaster recovery, business development, technology management, due diligence, strategic business planning, and entrepreneurship.

Throughout his executive career, Stephen has held leadership positions with R3SOLV, SYNDI Digital, TriDatum Solutions, Corus360, Rooli Technologies, VeriStor Systems, Inc., American Megatrends, and Gain Systems.


2019 - Present

Founder and CEO - SYNDi Digital - SYNDi Digital

  • Delivering affordable solutions for clients to target marketing content and awareness
  • Attained two clients within the first three months of operations
  • Developed a platform that is leveraged to deliver on its promise
  • Delivering content and relevant news through a network

2017 - Present

Founder/CTO - R3SOLV - R3SOLV

  • Started the company to advise and implement the cloud while ensuring clients' security
  • Grew the client base from one primary to five within six to nine months
  • Grew revenues from zero to over $2M within the first year and projecting a continuous increase in revenue

2013 - 2017

Chief Technology Officer - TriDatum Solutions - TriDatum Solutions

  • Started the company and sustained it for four to five years
  • Gained a profitable public and private client base to deliver SAP in the IBM cloud for the first time
  • Grew to become the largest IBM cloud partner and granted the IBM Champion designation
  • Ran EMC on the IBM cloud for the first time

Advisor Skills

Big Data

Cloud Computing

Disaster Recovery

Business Development

Technology Management

Advisor Industries

Information Services and Technology