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Passionate Executive Coach with expertise in project management, change management & leadership training and development

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Shawna Corden is an accomplished Coach, Author, and Speaker with more than 20 years of success across the management consulting, education, and computer software industries. Leveraging extensive experience in change management, she is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance through a shift in leadership and any potential resulting conflict. She is highly skilled at coaching leaders in their efforts to grow and train employees. Shawna's vast knowledge spans across industries ranging from healthcare, government, and manufacturing to high tech and software. Her broad areas of expertise include executive coaching, talent management, keynote speaking, business planning, change management and Everything DiSC assessments and training.

Throughout her executive career, Shawna has either founded or held leadership positions with Shawna Corden Coaching, Coach U, Inc., Coaches for Humanity, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


2015 - Present

Executive Coach & Author - Shawna Corden Coaching - Shawna Corden Coaching

  • Provide coaching and consulting for organizations navigating conflict due to project implementations or disruptive change
  • Mentor coaches who are developing their own coaching culture within an organization
  • Deliver keynote speeches at a variety of conferences and summits, including those for The Association for Talent Development, ICF chapter events, The Conference Board, the Human Capital Institute, Global Tech Women, and Hewlett Packard's International Women's Day

2013 - Present

Faculty - Coach U, Inc. - Coach U, Inc.

  • Specialize in team, group, and executive coaching
  • Provide training to aspiring coaches all over the globe through intensive, live online courses
  • Contribute to curriculum development

2017 - August 2019

Partner, Corden Flor Hardwick - Coaches for Humanity - Coaches for Humanity

  • Formed the business to respond to a request from UNICEF to provide coaches for existing UNICEF directors
  • Recruited more than 70 multi-lingual coaches across five countries to supply to UNICEF

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