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SJ Barakony

December 11 , 2019

You're a decision maker in your company ... you often deal with four fundamental, thorny root challenges that hamper your ability to sustain your culture, realize your vision, and (or) execute on strategic goals.

What are they?  Customer service; turnover/retention; staff engageme...

SJ Barakony

January 04 , 2020

Simply stated, the clear differences between networking & relationship/community building.

There's a place & value for both in the present day Gig/Sharing Economy, as well as in its predecessor, the Corporate Industrial Age, however, the latter has more strength, and more poten...

SJ Barakony

May 12 , 2020

As I'm a student of history, balance in the Greek = 'Ισορροπ?α / isoropia; lσο /iso means equal & Ροπ?/ropi means torque, force or direction. 

Owners/founders, no matter how futuristic they were/remain, ...

SJ Barakony

June 09 , 2020

This is a timely question & crucially important, as the pandemic impact so many small businesses in essentially every known vertical.

In no set order, I suggest these four strategies:

1 - Redefine your niche(s)/avatar(s) & most valued target markets.

2 - Define...

SJ Barakony

July 23 , 2020

Excellent question; as the Austrian School taught us, "The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups." - Hazlitt.


SJ Barakony

August 04 , 2020

Opportunities are everywhere, often as a kernel within the husk of a problem.

ID'ing opportunities necessitates foresight ( as a committed futurist, #futureofwork advocate , I often see them early ) and the ability to unlearn & re-learn anew.

Placing vision ahead of strateg...

SJ Barakony

October 13 , 2020

We've all heard that 'leaders are readers, and readers can often be leaders.'

A mantra that holds weight, especially when we grasp that the end goal in business is to be a lifelong learner, and not lean solely on credentials.

This question is a bullseye for me, as without read...