Robi Ley

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Robi Ley is an accomplished and solutions-focused Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 30 years of success across the writing, hospitality, broadcasting, government, service industry, and training industries. Leveraging extensive experience as a training and management professional, she is a valuable advisor for an organization requiring oversight to optimize policies and procedures across all platforms including training and HR. Her broad areas of expertise include leading customer service endeavors externally and internally so that a culture of excellence permeates the entire culture and disseminating complex information so that it is easily actionable for all constituents.

Throughout her executive career, Robi has held leadership positions with WordCrafter Consultants, LLC., Toastmasters International, Fred Pryor Seminars/Career Track and U-Haul International.

2014 - Present

Owner/Communication Coach - WordCrafter Consultants

WordCrafter Consultants

2007 - Present

Author - R. W. Ley

R. W. Ley

2014 - Present

Independent Consultant - Fred Pryor Seminars/Career Track

Fred Pryor Seminars/Career Track

2016 - 2019

Top 3 C-level Positions - District 25 Toastmasters, Toastmasters International

District 25 Toastmasters, Toastmasters International

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Creative Media

Executive Coaching

Company or executive-specific business strategy

Input and advice on a key project

Ability to review or help create presentations, documents or other materials

Development and implementation of effective training materials and curriculums