Rick Norland

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Business Planning



Venture Capital

Company or executive-specific business strategy

Business advice related to my role at my company

Feedback on my company’s product/service

Input and advice on a key project


Rick Norland is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 30 years of success across the homecare, healthcare, biopharmaceutical, semiconductors and photonics, IT and telecom hardware and software, retail, airlines, real estate, renewable energy, and waste management industries. Leveraging extensive experience in corporate finance and startup companies, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking strategic guidance in financing, IPOs, mergers/acquisitions, or in scaling for growth/expansion. His broad areas of expertise include corporate finance, M&A, rapid company growth, strategy, and franchising.

Throughout his executive career, Rick has been a C-suite executive in 11 companies, a director of nine, and an advisor to over 20. He has also had an "expert role" to consulting mandates to all levels of government, largely around innovation/commercialization, and research strategy. Rick has also been a guest lecturer at several universities and entrepreneurship groups.

1996/01 - Present

Owner - Athenor Growth Partners Inc.

Athenor Growth Partners Inc.

1996/01 - Present

Owner - Thorington Corporation

Thorington Corporation

2006 - 2018

Founder & CEO - Eirsen Health Care Inc

Eirsen Health Care Inc

2006 - 2018

CEO - Retire-At-Home Services

Retire-At-Home Services