R. David Moon

CEO - Arx Nimbus


Advisor Biography

David Moon is an accomplished Senior Executive, Thought Leader, and Board Member with more than 35 years of success across the financial services, travel, healthcare, airlines, hospitality, and computer software industries. Leveraging extensive experience leading shifts in IT and technology for financial services companies, he is a valuable advisor for organizations looking for assistance with regulatory compliance and cybersecurity. His broad areas of expertise include cybersecurity, risk management, technology leadership, governance, regulatory compliance, and building and evaluation of quantitative analysis models.

Throughout his executive career, David has held leadership positions at Arx Nimbus, PwC, and Fortium Partners LP.


2016 - Present

CEO - Arx Nimbus - Arx Nimbus

  • Develops and deploys mathematically based analytical models to address risk and probability of threat landscapes
  • Achieves compliance sign off from regulators
  • Reduces cybersecurity risk
  • US Strategic Commands was a client and worked to help drive down and measure cybersecurity risk
  • Deploying a commercial product that’s available on the cloud

2015 - 2016

Director, Cyber Security - PwC - PwC

  • Achieved sign off from the US Treasury, federal bank examiners, for chronic, unsolvable compliance issues for a major bank.
  • Conducted critical solution selection for companies

2014 - 2015

Partner - Fortium Partners LP - Fortium Partners LP

  • Commercial software implementation specialist providing independent red-team risk evaluation in global DoD program

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Enterprise Architecture

Information Technology Strategy


Risk Management

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Computer & Network Security