Phil Gayter

Brandstorm57 - Executive Creative Director/branding and marketing

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, and Problem-solving, a Multi-media Specialist. Your Brand Needs to Be Seen By Phil.

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Phil Gayter helps brands realize their POWER and POTENTIAL. Utilising a series of tools developed to get to the heart of a brand, he ekes out the differences that can make your business unique (and therefore of value to your customers), utilizing consumer and industry insights to "nail" the perfect branding message. Phil then creates the most powerful creative executions, no matter the medium.  With thousands of marketing messages bombarding us each day, he makes sure every dollar you spend has maximum impact. Phil Gayter learned his trade in the global ad world at an Executive Creative Director level. Working in markets including Chicago, London, Oslo, and Frankfurt, winning in excess of $250 million in new business for various agencies garnering creative and business awards too. He has helped establish new creative capabilities within agencies and launched his own full-service advertising agency in 2003, followed by a film production arm in 2004. His scope of experience includes creating and producing television campaigns, interactive media; all types of print media, guerilla marketing and an array of mediums that capture the imagination in ingenious ways. Specialties: He creates TV commercials from "soup to nuts". Writing, art direction, production, post-production (including 'finish").He is a brand strategy maven, using his "Brand Universe" model to hone in on the essence of a brand and arrive at powerful and relevant marketing solutions.  See his work at: http//


January 2010 - Present

Executive Creative Director/branding and marketing - Brandstorm57

January 2010 - Present

Executive Creative Director/branding and marketing - Brandstorm57

January 2007 - December 2009

Executive Creative Director - Two West

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