Patrick Lee Scott

CEO - Unbounded, LLC

Skilled Executive with expertise in marketing funnels, start ups, and web development

Advisor Biography

Patrick Lee Scott is an accomplished Consultant and Thought Leader with more than 10 years of success across the FinTech, marketing, technology, and e-commerce industries. Leveraging extensive experience in digital and innovative marketing strategies, DevOps, microservices, and digital transformations. His broad areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, digital transformation, web services and applications, DevOps, and microservices.

Throughout his executive career, Patrick has found or held leadership positions with Unbounded, LLC, Brewgorithm, PlusMore, and Liquidnet.


2015 - Present

CEO - Unbounded, LLC - Unbounded, LLC

  • Consultant on a variety of web services including DevOps, microservices, marketing analytics, and entrepreneurship
  • Created a packaged DevOps platform that can be supplied and implemented by any technology company
  • Worked with companies including Anheuser Busch, Elite Guard Training, and Prof Coffee Roasters to build marketing funnels and optimize digital strategies

May 2017 - April 2018

CTO - Brewgorithm - Brewgorithm

  • Co-founded this accelerator innovation project utilizing machine learning to improve e-commerce business
  • Developed and implemented DevOps
  • Exited upon acquisition by Anheuser Busch

2013 - 2015

CTO - PlusMore - PlusMore

  • Founded this company utilizing advanced progressive web applications and technology to provide an in-room concierge tablet at high-end and luxury hotels
  • Led engineering, DevOps, and technology efforts
  • Held partnerships with three major New York City hotels

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Digital Strategy