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Law Office of Nicholas L. D'Amico - Managing Attorney

Land Use Advisor, Real Estate Lawyer, and Legal Tech Entrepreneur

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Nicholas L. D’Amico is an attorney, land use planner, and entrepreneur.

He has served in local government as a land use planner for nearly 15 years.

His law practice focuses on real estate, land use, construction, regulatory compliance, and professional license defense.

Nicholas also serves on the advisory board of a legal marketing technology start-up.

As a land use official, he has conducted inspections of thousands of properties and pursued hundreds of enforcement cases to successfully abate public nuisances. In his first year of zoning enforcement, he shut down two illegal marijuana store fronts and ordered the clean up of hazardous materials on an industrial property. He helped stop an illegal hillside project that would have destabilized many tons of soil and endangered nearby homes. In 2013, he coordinated with state and federal agencies to close dozens of illegal hotels across LA County.

His clients have included property owners, real estate investors, construction contractors, real estate brokers, geotechnical engineers, solar panel installers, medical professionals, residential landlords, and many others. In just his second year as a trial lawyer, he defended a California-based solar contractor through all phases of a lawsuit and achieved a trial verdict for the defense on all counts. In 2019, he won a motion to overturn the revocation of a Southern California mortgage loan originator’s real estate license and obtained a court judgment removing a fraudulent mechanics’ lien from a real estate investor’s property in Northern California. He rescued a residential landlord’s multi-unit property from foreclosure by negotiating a loan forbearance agreement with the mortgage lender. He has even handled complex litigation involving multi-million dollar construction defect claims.

Nicholas frequently acts as the owner’s representative before city governments during the land use permit application process. His office also assists clients during real estate transactions and construction contracting. He leverages his unique background and experience to deliver advice as a land use consultant in development projects and expert witness testimony in property disputes.

Nicholas recently started developing content for a smartphone application which will host an on-demand legal services marketplace.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nicholas is the descendant of Italian and Brazilian immigrants to the United States. His hobbies are sports, hiking, and travel. He resides in Woodland Hills, California with his son Sebastian and daughter Natalia. 


April 2017 - Present

Managing Attorney - Law Office of Nicholas L. D'Amico

September 2017 - Present

Of Counsel - SJ Harris Law

December 2006 - Present

Regional Planner - Los Angeles County

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