Nancy Parenteau

Co-founder, Managing Member - Parenteau BioConsultants, LLC

Co-founder, President, and CSO with a talent for the translation and management of first-in-class, best-in-class bioscie

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Nancy Parenteau is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 30 years of success across the biotech, life science, and medical device industries. Leveraging her extensive experience in concept to post-market, creating a first-in-class and best-in-class products, and establishing leadership in a new field, she is a valuable advisor for an organization wanting to advance cutting edge opportunities. Her interests include the productive translation of science, management development for scientists, gaining core competencies, and scientific leadership. She can advise executive suites and their R&D professionals, ensuring company opportunities don't stall or fail for the wrong reasons. She uses her valuable, hard-earned experience to arm bioscience executives and professionals with the insight needed to effectively prioritize, interpret, and translate biological technology ahead of the curve. And because execution is key, she also provides a life-science-relevant and often thought-provoking evaluation on where leadership skills could be fine-tuned so that biotech executives and their R&D teams have what it takes to advance their programs and pipelines successfully. 


May 2011 - Present

Co-founder, President and CSO - Verik Bio, Inc. - Verik Bio, Inc.

  • Established ways to target solid tumor cancers using patented technology
  • Developed an immunotherapy system of targeting and created a curative potential

2005 - Present

Co-founder, Managing Member - Parenteau BioConsultants, LLC - Parenteau BioConsultants, LLC

  • Expert in the translation of bioscience ahead of the curve
  • Advisor and Educator in how to deal with complex biology in product design and development
  • Advisor on productive R&D management from start-ups to public companies

2002 - 2005

Co-founder, President and CEO - Amaranth Bio, Inc. - Amaranth Bio, Inc.

  • Worked on the discovery and initiated the patented use of adult pancreatic stem cells for islet transplantation

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