Mohamad Ghaoui

Passionate and Innovative Executive with expertise in international markets, gaming, investments, and risk management


Mohamad Ghaoui is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 12 years of success across the gaming, gambling, entertainment, IT, virtual sports, and web development industries. Leveraging extensive experience setting up gambling/casino gaming, live casinos and sports betting online/offline, licensing, starting new companies globally, and creating partnerships, he is a valuable advisor for an organization that is a startup, trying to expand globally or to obtain licensing in a highly regulated environment. His broad areas of expertise include global strategy, start-ups, business development, web development, and entrepreneurship.

Throughout his executive career, Mo has held leadership positions with Gaming DOT ME LLC, Perception Holding,, 377BET,, Downgrade.ME, and DOTLeb.

September 2015 - Present



  • Grew the business from zero to five separate companies across the world with different compliance and jurisdictions
  • Moved from being a reseller for gift cards and sports cards to fully servicing and licensing in the US and Europe
  • Gained rights to having licenses and provide licensing agreements in the sports gaming arena

March 2018 - Present

CEO - Perception Holding

Perception Holding

  • Created the holding company to manage all of the companies created for gaming products
  • Obtained two real estate buildings for night clubs
  • Managing 15 clubs in Lebanon
  • Started with one bar(AtWork) and grew to full management of building and adjacent complex with over 15 nightclubs

October 2010 - Present

Managing Partner -

  • Created and rebranded from local Lebanese companies to global companies
  • Grew from simple web development firm to full-scale development firm in online and offline businesses
  • First in the Middle East to provide virtual currency and instant prepaid credit cards payments

February 2012 - Present

Managing Partner - 377BET


  • Started as a white label and grew it to a full-service online gaming service throughout the Middle East and parts of EU
  • Officially the first gambling platform that originated and operated in the Middle East
  • Successfully received the licensing to provide the gambling operations in over 50 countries

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects


Global Strategy

Business Development


Company or executive-specific business strategy

Input and advice on a key project

Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision

Web services, eGaming licensing, and start-ups