Mike Dokter

Cutting-edge Entrepreneur & Podcast Host with expertise in public relations, marketing strategy, and public speaking.


Mike Dokter is an accomplished Senior Executive, Advisor, and Thought Leader with more than 15 years of success across the higher education, construction, and real estate industries. His broad areas of expertise include marketing strategy, public relations, and business development.

Mike holds a leadership position as the President for Na Zdrowie Ltd where he consults to a variety of companies and individuals to help them better understand the reality of the financial system, their retirement, and how they can achieve higher rates of return in order to build long-term wealth for themselves and their family and builds passive wealth through its subsidiary, Zdrowko Holdings LLC which focuses on providing top quality single-family rentals in the city of Detroit. He hosts the podcast Michigan Business Talk and also serves as a Professor of Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy for Davenport University where he teaches problem-solving using emotional intelligence and teamwork through multiple classes including Innovation and Managing Change, Entrepreneurship, Business Research, and others.

Prior to his role at Davenport University, Mike additionally led as the Partner and Senior Vice President for Motown Property Group and the Market Development Manager for The Coca-Cola Company.

Mike obtained his BBA in Marketing and his Executive MBA in Executive Leadership from Davenport University where he was recently awarded the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award.  Mike now serves and contributes to Davenport by leading corporate management and leadership training through its Institute of Professional Excellence in both Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan.

2016 - Present

President - Na Zdrowie Ltd

Na Zdrowie Ltd

2015 - Present

Adjunct Professor - Davenport University Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx) | Adjunct Faculty - Entreprenuership & Business Management - Davenport University

Davenport University

  • Use expertise, experiences, and the experiences of others to help students develop a framework to solve problems in upcoming careers
  • Teaches a variety of topics and are always adding more
  • Mentoring, counseling and leading students through personal and business challenges

2016 - 2019

Partner, Senior Vice President - Motown Property Group

Motown Property Group

  • Focused on the redevelopment of historic homes in the city of Detroit
  • For the most recent project, The Cambridge Home set a new market record for price per square foot in the city
  • Rebranded, completed multiple successful projects, and built an apparel line geared towards Detroit’s full comeback in the years to come

2011 - 2016

Market Development Manager - The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Increased Market volume by 37% year over year, increased another 10% in 2012, and another 6% in 2013
  • 2014, was the second in the Michigan Market Unit in dollars generated through gross margin sales generating a total of over $560,000 in gross profit, a $60,000 increase from the year before
  • 10% increase in 2015 as a result of consistent work effort
  • 2019 Davenport University Distinguished Alumni Award


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