Mary Wolken Ph.D.

Natural ways to improve health, productivity, communications and decrease workplace stress.


Mary Wolken Ph.D. natural therapies. In practice for 50 yrs. Trained as an educator, therapist, researcher, and crisis intervention. Director of the Healthy Living Center Ex. Director Complementary Medicine Association Member of the Brain Trauma Association of AZ. Natural Pain Relief – Homeopathy, acupressure, neuro-kinesiology, light and water therapies Trauma/TBI support for families and those in crisis Relief anxiety, confusion, cognition, and movement challenges and wound/ scar healing Sensitivity testing for allergies, foods, supplements and environmental toxins
  • Founded a non profit medical education association without being a doctor or a nurse. The 1st 501C3 to get Category 1 CME credit from a University for ther teaching of homeopathy to med. professionals in the world.
  • Was mable to train high school students in energy field work and how to control their heart, healing and stop bleeding with their mind.
  • Was the first to teach high schoolers their bioology class in conjunction with my major professors and the Univ. Ag. Sci. depart and use their lab space with my kids.

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Communication & Team Development Techniques

Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision

Wellness, Water and Mindfulness

Input and advice on a key project