Marvin DeJean



Marvin Dejean is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 25 years of success across the telecommunications, healthcare, international development, construction, government, data applications, and technology industries. Leveraging extensive experience in dynamic change management and as an Agility consultant, he is a valuable advisor for an organization instigating massive market disruption, transforming organizations, or working to improve company culture. His broad areas of expertise include strategy implementation, organizational design, and Agile processes. 

Throughout his executive career, Marvin has held leadership positions with Gilead Sanders, ConstructConnect, United Data Technologies, and Poweri Technologies.


Sr. Managing Partner - Gilead Sanders, Inc

Gilead Sanders, Inc

  • Piloted a digital transformation in a large banking environment, reinvigorating the current business model, and leading expansion to international markets with both online and mobile tools
  • Developed and implemented an operational and strategic communications plan for a private for-profit healthcare agency, increasing client enrollment by 35% and establishing an online ecosystem impacting data and quality of care
  • Spearheaded an education area of practice, emphasizing strategic foresight, scenario planning, e-learning, outreach, and mapping out strategies towards the future

2015 - 2016

Internal Communications Manager - ConstructionConnect


  • Led internal and external communications across four companies during post-acquisition integration
  • Introduced a new value proposition centered around an online database and collaborating bids between contractors
  • Led the successful implementation of cultural imperatives and increased employee engagement by 85% post-merger

2010 - 2012

Director of Marketing & Government Relations - United Data Technologies

United Data Technologies

  • Positioned clients to gain governmental and private contracts as a large brand reseller, offering cloud services
  • Spearheaded interaction with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, enhancing visibility and increasing revenue growth
  • Led State and Federal brand positioning, visibility, and business development
  • Advanced UDT’s overall brand with top targeted clients through the development of customized projects that enhanced overall core competencies with value-added opportunities

2008 - 2010

Director, Social Media Strategies - Poweri Technologies

Poweri Technologies

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Public Relations

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