Marc Pina

International insurance and marketing executive with over 25 years of achievement in diverse global markets


Marc Pina is an innovative and results-driven international insurance and marketing executive with more than 25 years of demonstrated achievement in almost 40 emerging and growth markets across continental Europe, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

He can leverage extensive experience in direct and digital marketing, distribution strategies, organizational development, business development, product management, market development, customer acquisition, lead generation, cross-marketing and data analytics. Marc is a valuable advisor for an organization looking to expand its global footprint, implement growth strategies and establish new, high performance operations and teams.

In his executive career, Marc has held senior leadership positions in multinational general (AIG) and life (ALICO and Sanlam) insurance companies. Most recently he is the founder and owner of Meteor Consulting, a business and consulting company specializing in the financial services industry.

2017 - Present


Meteor Consulting, LLC

  • Prudential Financial, Inc.: Delivered 18 recommendations for direct & digital marketing based on review of business & product strategies, acquisition, cross-selling & product sequencing processes, governance framework, data & campaign management, & business development capabilities.
  • Redwood Algorithms: Assessed market & opportunities for RA to enter US market. They offer data science & machine learning capabilities to drive marketing programs.
  • South African Insurance Company: Provided product and marketing consulting services as company considers entering continental Europe to sell Property & Casualty insurance. Advice focused on product selection, market development, distribution strategies and competitor analysis.
  • Polish Insurance Company: They want to develop new applications to increase customer touch-points. Presented programs where the insurer offers rewards as part of insurance relationship to encourage more engagement by customers, increase loyalty & advocacy, reduce churn & increase x- and up-sell.

2016 - 2017

Head of Direct Marketing: Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) - AIG


  • Achieved financial targets, both top and bottom-line, e.g. moved Spain and Finland Accident and Health DM operations from marginally profitable operations to $6.5m and $6m profit respectively by 2016.
  • Directed and supported in-country DM teams to improve financial results (ROI, growth and profitability targets exceeded each year) focusing on improving key DM metrics and expanding use of up-sell, cross-sell, retention and referral methods.
  • Established and trained high performance in-country DM teams and improved DM infrastructure, e.g. Salesforce and digital marketing/call center integration project in South Africa, to support growth strategies.
  • Led AIG South Africa marketing team to launch Virgin Money partnership (off- and online direct response strategy using multiple channels/media) to achieve $2bn premium in 10 years (average annual marketing budget $9m).
  • Collaborated with customer experience function to implement customer centric strategies.
  • Oversaw execution of digital marketing strategies (PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, remarketing) exceeding plan expectations for lead volumes and sales conversions.

2013 - 2016

Head of Consumer Insurance: Eastern Europe & Turkey (East Zone)


  • Led diverse group of 10 countries with varying growth potential to achieve GPW of $140m and double digit growth rate. Supervised East Zone heads of direct and digital marketing, product towers and distribution (107 staff).
  • Ensured deployment of best practices for underwriting, pricing, marketing, and compliance consistent with company expectations improving product profitability and loss experience across the board.
  • Directed the development and execution of consumer distribution strategies with partners to achieve sales targets.
  • Achieved successful balance between short term financial and non-financial objectives and implementing longer term, sustainable strategies to improve profitability and ROI, meet risk appetite guidelines and realize desired business mix.
  • Advocated successfully for resources/capital necessary to implement East Zone’s multi-year business plan.
  • Led development and roll out of 12 new product offerings to support more granular customer segmentation strategies.
  • Built diverse and strong consumer country and regional teams and restructured operations to improve efficiency and cost structures and created robust career and succession planning.
  • Established a high performance data analytics capability to develop predictive models (e.g. propensity to buy/to cancel) to support customer segmentation and selection process for marketing activities.
  • Served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIG Sigorta S.A. (Turkey) from March 2015 till May 2016.

2012 - 2013

Head of Consumer Insurance: AIG Turkey


  • Created omni-channel insurance distribution model for HSBC Turkey bank relationship to achieve $1.2bn premium in 10 years – included in- & outbound telemarketing, branch sales, ATM sales, digital marketing and e-commerce.
  • Led development and launch of full purchase path e-commerce platform for direct to consumer and partner distribution marketing programs.
  • Led re-tooling of key product lines to improve competitiveness and achieve underwriting and profitability expectations – reduced auto and warranty loss ratios from 120% to 72% and 140% to 70% in 3 and 4 years respectively.
  • Directed implementation of several technology and operational projects to support rapidly growing business.
  • Launched unique, automated lead generation program using HSBC’s customer and external databases resulting in strong sales growth and improved profitability for auto and personal property products – 35% growth in 1st year.
  • Built consumer insurance team (42 staff) with specialization and skills including product development, underwriting, data analytics, business development, digital marketing, customer experience and insight, & direct marketing.
  • Elected Board member of AIG Sigorta S.A. (Turkey) in Dec 2012.

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Digital Marketing

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Direct Response Marketing

International Markets

Company or executive-specific business strategy

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