Marc Deschenaux

Founding & Managing Partner - Intellectual Property Securities Corporation - Deal Makers Group - Swiss Financiers - Deschenaux & Partners

International Financial & Legal Advisor Expert in IPOs, SPACs, M&A, Private Equity, Intellectual Property Securitization

Advisor Biography

Marc Deschenaux is an innovative Corporate & Governmental Financing Expert, Global Financial & Legal Advisor and Public Speaker. 

His fields of activities include IPO Initial Public Offering , SPAC - Special Purpose Acquisition Company, Intellectual Property, Asset & Royalties Securitization, Licensing, Franchising, Mergers, Acquisitions and financial engineering.

He serves as President and Founder of Intellectual Property Securities Corporation - IPSE, 

He has an extensive background in contract law, international corporate & governmental financing, bank syndication, international corporate, and non-profit law.

Marc has a passion for With more than 35 years of experience across entertainment, legal services, and financial services industries,

He is currently the Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Swiss Financiers.

He is responsible for state-of-the-art structures which have which resulted in 179 successful IPOs and 243 private offerings.
He also has achieved around two-thirds of these in private equity, and one-third in private debt.

In 2009 he founded Deschenaux & Partners LLP which went through three names over two decades, Deschenaux Hornblower & Partners, LLP where he was partner with Ralph Hornblower III, attorney at the Washington DC bar, former Department of Justice top executive and prosecutor in the FBI racist matters against the civil rights movement. In 2019, he united the firm which became Greenberg Hornblower Deschenaux & Partners, LLP with Richard M. Greenberg, former Judge Advocate General in the US Navy and producer of numerous movies including First Blood (Rambo), Terminator. Platoon, Easy Money.

In 2021, Marc Deschenaux dissolved the firm to regain independence in risk taking but the partners still work together on several projects.  

Prior to that, he served as Founder and President of Perpetual Charity Corporation and of Phoenix Credit Corporation.

Along with his professional career, he served as Treasurer, and Judge-Mediator at the International Court of Mediation and Arbitration (CIMEDA) from 2012 to 2020. He is now an Ambassador of the African Court of Mediation and Arbitration (CAMAR).

He received several noteworthy accolades for his professional work. In 1999, he was elected Man of the Year to the International Who’s Who of Professionals, in 2003 he was invited by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to speak at the 22nd Annual Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation.

He graduated with a Master’s degree in Economic Law, a Certificate in Transnational law from the University of Geneva.
He obtained the certification “Leading with Finance” from Harvard Business School.

Moreover he has a background in Electronic and Data Processing from CalTech and is still a Ph.D. candidate in Law at the Universitzy of Geneva.

For his curriculum vitae, see LinkedIN profile also accessible from his
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2020 - Present

Founding Partner - Swiss Financiers

2014 - Present

President & Founder - Intellectual Property Securities Corporation - IPSE

2010 - Present

Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Deschenaux & Partners, LLP

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