Lou Corriero

Senior Vice President Business Development - IT Vortex, LLC

Effective SVP of Business Development with expertise in partnerships, IT strategy, and digital transformation

Advisor Biography

Lou Corriero is a solutions-focused Senior Executive, Consultant, and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across the IT industry. Leveraging extensive experience in providing technology solutions, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking to refresh its technology portfolio or improve processes and efficiencies. His broad areas of expertise include IT strategy, digital transformation, partnerships, and business development.

Throughout his executive career, Lou has held leadership positions with IT Vortex, LLC, Nest Seekers International, and Complete Solutions.


2014 - Present

Senior Vice President Business Development - IT Vortex, LLC - IT Vortex, LLC

  • Working as the lead architect to offer clients better technology solutions
  • Reshaping strategy and vision with a fresh look at technology, from IT services simplification to hybrid, multi, and public cloud implementation
  • Assist companies with layered security, cyber threat, disaster recovery, and data protection

2009 - 2014

Information Technology - Nest Seekers International - Nest Seekers International

  • Directed and led the business through hyper-growth, expanding from three to 20 offices
  • Led M&A with green initiatives using VDI to scale by acquisition and absorb/acquire companies at a rapid pace

2008 - 2008

Consultant - Complete Solutions - Complete Solutions

  • Led the network restructure and design
  • Achieved cost savings through pre-cloud, on-premise software and management solutions with 30-40% savings in IT spend to streamline technology needs

Advisor Skills

Digital Transformation

Information Technology Strategy


Business Development