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Sales professional-turned-tech entrepreneur, Lori Meagher is a highly accomplished executive with expertise in the fields of high tech, healthcare, telecom, and education/e-learning. With twenty years of experience providing razor sharp business development and strategical insight, Lori is a sought-after resource for both go-to-market strategy and integrated business development. Throughout her career, Lori has consistently nurtured concepts through their development and deployment, while recognizing the importance of, and refining the processes behind effective workforce management.

Her ability to balance technology, strategy and human capital across industries provides Lori with the versatility and effectiveness needed to manage a multigenerational workforce ranging from millennials to boomers.

Today, Lori is thrilled to launch Class2Career, a first of its kind program that bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace. This innovative offering provides students the tools to create a profile to differentiate themselves and tell their unique stories; align their attributes to career opportunities; and learn to network for success. Simply put, Class2Career gives those entering the work world the competitive edge.

Class2Career is co-founded by Lori and her partner in concert with a developer and has two dynamics: to help students about to enter the work force identify their superpowers, and to give educators their own competitive advantage in placement. Lori and her partner visit universities and colleges to introduce Class2Career, providing an invaluable resource to the whole student body as it relates to a higher job placement ratio and extends the reach and impact of Career Counselors. 

Class2Career is becoming even more accessible to the academic community through the direct to consumer initiative Lori is launching with her social media partner.

Lori made her mark early on in her career managing a $140M business line for Xerox Corporation. Her accolades include being the Xerox National Management Field Liaison for sales force productivity, a recipient of numerous Presidents’ Club awards for overachieving sales revenue goals and creating the first management level job sharing opportunity within the corporation. In addition, Lori has been featured in Working Women Magazine for her initiatives on work/life balance.

Establishing her own consulting firm in 1996, LRM Consulting Inc., Lori has designed programs and provided services for corporate and non-profit clients, from countless emerging tech start-ups to large corporate clients including Xerox and Verizon. Lori’s expertise has helped create differentiated value and increased business revenue for every organization in her stable of clientele. Specifically, the LRM team implements effective and efficient sales processes for lead generation and strategic account development. This is accomplished by leveraging marketing to enable sales results that are scalable, funneling millions of dollars in potential revenue into her clients’ sales pipeline. When working with tech start-ups, these processes have contributed up to 3X YOY growth. Her expertise also includes workforce development from leadership and management coaching and training to sales and support training – positioning her as a top voice in the industry. One specific workforce development project with Verizon’s inbound billing call center for businesses, spurred a 28% increase in closing efforts leading to additional upsell/cross-sell revenue. The LRM Learning programs provide measurable results utilizing the client’s KPIs to align with business goals.

Lori holds a BS, Marketing from Boston College Carroll School of Management. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston, Lori was the inaugural Chair of the annual Heroes in Healthcare Gala. Now a branded signature event, Lori has continued to co-chair over the past 10 years raising over $3M for the organization. She has also lent her fundraising talents to organizations such as The American Heart Association Go Red for Woman – Circle of Red, and the Woman’s Community League of Weston.

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Principal - LRM Consulting Inc. - LRM Consulting Inc.

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Board of Directors - VNA of Boston - VNA of Boston

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