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Lisa Apolinski is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Thought Leader with over 20 years of success in marketing and communications. Leveraging extensive experience with digital strategy and realignment, Lisa is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on social media engagement, digital content creation and digital branding. Her broad areas of expertise include digital marketing engagement, strategy, data use and application, social media, reputation management, influencer marketing, advertising, graphic design, public relations, and event management.

Throughout her executive career, Lisa has held leadership positions with 3 Dog Write Inc; NewSchool of Architecture + Design; Domino Amjet; RSM McGladrey, and Alcan Packaging. In her current role as Founder and CEO of 3 Dog Write, she has been responsible for overseeing the consulting agency, which focuses on providing digital marketing and business strategy consulting to a variety of industries for clients situated around the world. Incorporating client data to develop a truly customized, and measurable, strategy for the greatest impact. 3 Dog Write has seen YOY doubling of revenue; is on-target to triple revenue next year, and is on-track to become a multimillion-dollar agency in the next 3-5 years. Previously, as Marketing Director at NewSchool of Architecture + Design, Lisa developed and directed all marketing and communication strategy and efforts for the institution to build brand awareness, marketing strategy, budget, and staffing for the marketing department. She has a proven history of identifying critical issues and implementing effective solutions for digital communications and social media strategy.

Lisa holds an MBA in IT Management from DePaul University - Charles H. Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and an MPH, with a focus on Biostatistics, from Rutgers University. She has worked with many corporate boards as a consultant. Lisa is also certified as a management consultant by the Institue of Management Consultants (IMC USA). In addition, Lisa has served as a professional speaker and author, including guest lecturing at Columbia University and University of South Florida. Her business book, Weathering the Digital Storm: How to Fortify Your Digital Growth Strategies In Unpredictable Times, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Lisa has been featured in Forbes on multiple occasions for her insight into digital marketing growth strategies and is quickly becoming one of the top digital growth experts in the world. She is also a member of the leadership council for the National Small Business Association, creating and championing policy development to benefit small businesses.


Founder & CEO - 3 Dog Write Inc

2010 - 2013

Marketing Director - NewSchool of Architecture & Design

2007 - 2009

Marketing Communications Manager - Domino Amjet

2004 - 2007

Marketing Services Manager - RMS McGladrey

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Digital Marketing

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