Leigh Richardson, NCC, LPC, BCN, BCB

Clinical Director and Founder - The Brain Performance Center

Clinical Director / Founder developing strategies and programs to change the brain and human behavior

Advisor Biography

Leigh Richardson is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 40 years of success in human resources and brain health.  She has extensive experience in leading behavioral change management actions on an organizational and personal level. She is a valuable advisor for an organization looking to take their business up a level or seeking to improve employee performance and leadership. Her areas of expertise include understanding how emotional influences, cognitive barriers, and lifestyle choices impact business performance. In addition, she aligns values and beliefs within the business environment.

Utilizing all her knowledge Leigh founded and is Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center utilizing innovative methods and techniques to create change in the brain an improve brain health.


September 2009 - Present

Clinical Director and Founder - The Brain Performance Center - The Brain Performance Center

  • Offering an innovative approach to creating change in the brain that assists people in moving forward personally or professionally
  • Developed customized treatment programs based on qEEG data and neurocognitive testing
  • Utilizes neurostimulation, neurofeedback, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to drive change in the brain and human behavior

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Human Capital


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