Karyn Zuidinga

Innovative Digital Product Designer and Consultant with expertise in digital transformation, strategy, and UI/UX


Are you thinking of developing an app, digitizing your services, or creating a new digital product? Karyn's been called a ninja at getting the ideas out of her client's head and translating them into useful, useable and compelling digital experiences. She has the rare ability to quickly assess the problem space and identify multiple workable solutions. 

Karyn Zuidinga is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 20 years of success across the technology and digital industries. Leveraging extensive experience in user research, product development, and strategic planning, she is a valuable advisor for a stagnant organization looking to push boundaries with a unique and innovative product. She is exceptionally skilled at aligning business values and strategies, assessing product usability, and reducing business risk as new products are launched. Her broad areas of expertise include digital product design, innovative thinking and problem solving, strategic business planning, and user research.

Throughout her executive career, Karyn has founded or held leadership positions with organizations including NextWAVE Innovation, FCV, Analytic Design Group, and CREO/Kodak. She is also the host of the Positive Turbulence Podcast, an innovation-focused educational podcast.

2017 - Present

CEO & Founder - NextWAVE Innovation

NextWAVE Innovation

  • Lead the design of three digital products requiring complex interaction design and work-flows; FilmHive, a film production workflow and talent management tool, MeetingGenius, a meeting productivity tool for Condo Property Managers, and 'Project Franck', a wedding planning tool

2016 - 2017

Senior Director UX & Senior Director Research & Strategy - FCV Interactive

FCV Interactive

  • Responsible for developing and testing SoundTransit, a real-time travel app for SoundTransit, the Puget Sound's regional transit authority
  • Managed the strategy and design of processes and workshops
  • Provided oversight and leadership for project design and research, including usability and user experience

2005 - 2016

CEO, Senior Strategist & Design Lead - Analytic Design Group

Analytic Design Group

  • Crafted a dynamic user experience of popular products by performing usability testing and research for some of the most well known Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Samsung, and Adobe
  • Oversaw and led teams of product designers and researchers focusing on meeting user needs and accomplishing business goals
  • Tested new and innovative products while incorporating marketing teams and complex workflows

2003 - 2005

Information Architect & Interaction Designer - CREO/Kodak


  • Developed supporting documents for CREO, a sophisticated product for digital printing
  • Wrote and developed requirements for all B2C and B2B portals
  • Designed a B2B store for all products consumed by businesses, allowing consumers all over the world to purchase and ship sometimes highly regulated products
  • Co-Host, Editor, Producer - Positive Turbulence Podcast

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Positive Change and Disruption

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