Julian Aldridge

President and Owner - ENACT Agency


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Julian is an accomplished Senior Executive and Thought Leader, with demonstrated success across the marketing and advertising, financial services, retail, athletic, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Leveraging extensive experience in digital strategy for marketing and advertising companies, he is a valuable asset for companies of all sizes and industries seeking assistance with product development, branding, positioning, staffing, growth, business development, and innovation. His broad areas of expertise include strategic thinking, consumer insight, brand development, public relations, and market research.

Throughout his executive career, Julian has held leadership positions with ENACT Agency, Charles Schwab, and Red Bricks Media. In his current role as Owner and Challenger Evangelist at ENACT Agency, he has been responsible for establishing a brand strategy and implementation agency, dedicated to helping the world’s leading brands improve their business. He has proved instrumental in providing strategy workshops, and thought leadership to companies across the globe. Additionally, he has played an integral role in assisting Charles Schwab in a rejuvenation campaign, coming up with a new tagline for the company and changing overall perception of the organization. Thanks to his involvement, the company stock tripled in value. Furthermore, he assisted in establishing Rebel Athletic, a leading in custom cheerleading uniforms that now controls 50% of the cheerleading market and is expanding into retail. Prior to his current role, as VP of Brand Evangelism and Activation at Charles Schwab, he came on board to the company as a consultant, where he stayed for three years, working on over 20 projects.

Julian holds a BA in Geography from the University of Exeter. He has also worked as a volunteer with Senda Athletic, Kiva, Inner City Advisors, The Reset Foundation, and Schwab Community Services.


2010 - Present

Owner and Challenger Evangelist - ENACT Agency - ENACT Agency

2010 - Present

President and CEO - ENACT Agency - ENACT Agency

January 2013 - December 2015

VP, Brand Evangelism & Activation - Charles Schwab - Charles Schwab

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