Jonathan Aspatore

Award winning entrepreneur, founder, and 5 time CEO with expertise in startups, scaling, and rapid growth.


For the last 19 years Jonathan has been a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about starting and scaling new companies. He is currently the CEO & Founder of AdvisoryCloud and WonderDads, and previously founded and ran ExecSense (acquired by Financial Times) and Aspatore Books (acquired by Thomson Reuters). Many of the companies he has started have been the first to introduce new business models that enable executives to succeed professionally and personally in entirely new ways.

2012 - Present

Founder & CEO - AdvisoryCloud, Inc.


  • Grew company from 1 employee to 150+ employees in a 7- year period with no outside funding.
  • Built advisory board for the company with top executives and board members from SAP, Nike, Docusign, YP and others.
  • Awarded first-ever trademark for an online platform for advisory work.
  • Ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 591st fastest growing company in the U.S. and 9th fastest growing company in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • 12,000+ members including VP and C-Suite executives across almost every industry and size of company.

2016 - Present

Founder & CEO - WonderDads LLC


  • Built the leading online platform for Dads, with over 2,000+ busy Dads using tools and resources developed by WonderDads to help embrace their kid's childhood years.
  • Authored the book The WonderDads Way, a #1 new release on Fatherhood on in 2018.

2004 - 2013

Founder & Former CEO - ExecSense, Inc.


  • Published over 2400+ webinars, 1500+ eBooks, 500+ podcasts, and 400+ eDocuments as part of the leading eLearning company for business executives.
  • Acquired by the Financial Times, a division of Pearson.

1999 - 2008

Founder & Former CEO - Aspatore Books, Inc.

Aspatore Books

  • Starting with one published book in its first year to having over 4,000 authors and becoming one of the five largest business book publishers in the world in a nine year period.
  • Acquired by Thomson West, a division of Thomson Reuters.

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