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Senior Global Marketing and Strategy Leader who applies vision, structure and discipline to actualize product and market potential in mature and emerging markets. Creative thinker with unique ability to craft and implement game-changing strategies that optimize revenue and profit. Consistent originator of bold, innovative approaches that deliver breakthrough results, achieve competitive advantage and overcome complex business challenges. Extensive experience leveraging cross-functional teams to achieve high yield results in aerospace, automotive and industrial markets.

Revenue and Profit Growth – Exceeded 8% annual revenue and profit growth targets by repositioning core business, investment strategy and penetrating new markets.
? Strategic Initiatives – Delivered $68M/year sales growth by redefining global marketing, product positioning and key account strategies.
? Business and Market Expansion – Created $175M/year new business opportunity by expanding vision, shaping product strategy and forging strategic alliance.

VP Marketing, New Business Development GE Aviation

Spearheaded global business expansion and accelerated growth for $1 B aerospace division.. Provided marketing leadership and vision. Architected strategic plan, devised and executed M&A strategy. Led multi-national teams in innovative business development, market penetration, market share and operating margin expansion.

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Conceptualized global strategic initiatives, defined and executed marketing and acquisition strategy, entering emerging market and positioning business for expansion, targeting $375M/yr revenue growth.

VP Marketing, Corporate & Business Strategy Smiths PLC , Aerospace Group, Electronic Systems

Architected and executed marketing, revenue and profit strategies for $800 M aerospace subsidiary of Smiths PLC.18 Led product line marketing managers in optimizing profit, aligning marketing programs. Created vision for long term business growth, led strategic planning, identified high yield opportunities, drove M&A strategy. Collaborated with leaders to sharpen their “opportunity focus”, division product portfolio, and to drive innovation and change, increase ROI.

Developed and executed marketing, performance improvement, alliance and acquisition strategies, achieving 8%/yr revenue and profit increase, $400 M+ new product win, and created $180M/year growth opportunity.

VP Marketing, Product Management Smiths PLC, Aerospace Group, Information Management Systems

Rejuvenated product marketing, product line and go-to-market strategies to spur organic business growth for $400 M aerospace subsidiary of Smiths PLC. Inspired global product teams to be more customer and market-centric. Amplified voice of the customer and refined value proposition. Led strategic planning. Reshaped marketing plans. Improved product lifecycle management.

Transformed marketing, unified product strategy, spurring organic sales growth $44 M/yr, profit growth $25 M/yr, executed acquisition capturing $150 M+ new product opportunity.

Launched products, captured share, and accelerated growth for $1 B and $2.5 B business units. Led three multi-national, cross-functional teams within the two business sectors. Identified, assessed and pursued series of $50M-plus global marketing and new product opportunities. Implemented international marketing research and go-to-market strategies.

Launched new products, formulated marketing and business plans to accelerate growth, gain approval for joint venture, creating $228 M/yr sales growth.

2018 - 2017

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2018 - Present

Chief Executive Officer - AMD


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