John Hagerman

President - The BrandGate


Advisor Biography

John Hagerman is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 35 years of success with technology companies addressing the IT, oil & gas, and financial services industries. Leveraging extensive experience leading successful turnarounds for Silicon Valley tech companies, he is a valuable asset for small to midsize companies still in a dynamic growth stage that are going through stagnation, turmoil or in need of new direction and turnaround. His broad areas of expertise include technology, predictive and prescriptive analytics, enterprise solutions, data centers, B2B, strategic planning, IPOs, operations management, opening new markets, M&A, and business development.

Throughout his executive career, Mr. Hagerman has held leadership positions at hi-tech companies including Aperio CI, Myricom, Exar, 3Com, and Maxtor. Wielding a proven record of driving revenue growth and market expansion, he has been responsible for defining key technology and market access partnerships for Aperio CI, driving corporate acquisition strategy for Myricom, and leading Exar’s $10.5 million acquisition of Neterion that immediately boosted the company’s bottom line. He also implemented a product management process within 3Com’s Network Interface Division that enabled the division to exceed revenue and profit goals in 15 of 16 quarters.

John holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Santa Clara University, where he also obtained an MBA in Finance. With four decades of experience participating in and around Silicon Valley’s explosive growth, he is a seasoned consultant for the Bay Area business community.


January 2013 - Present

President - The BrandGate

January 2016 - September 2016

Prsident - Aperio CI