Jennifer Sheets

Founder, CEO - MasterStaff, Inc

Cutting-edge Founder & CEO with expertise in recruitment, business transformation, and startups

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Jennifer Sheets is a solutions-focused Senior Executive, Advisor and Thought Leader with more than 20 years of success across the staffing and recruiting industries. Her broad areas of talent acquisition, business transformation, startups, and client relations. Jennifer holds the leadership position as the Founder and CEO for MasterStaff, Inc. where she works with clients from virtually every discipline including IT, manufacturing, administrative, engineering, and more. For her exceptional leadership, she has been recognized as Business of the year by the International Trade Council and earned the Going Global Award in 2019. Jennifer studied Broadcast Journalism with Grand Valley State University, and she was on the advisory board for the Better Business Bureau.


September 1999 - Present

Founder, CEO - MasterStaff, Inc. - MasterStaff, Inc.

  • Oversees and manages all aspects of business operations, including vendor and client contracts, profit and loss statements and all other financial functions, and daily operations, such as legal matters and employer relations
  • Placed over 27,000 people in suitable jobs across an extremely broad range of disciplines
  • Facilitated sustainable and steady company growth over a period of 19 years, billing over $5 million annually since 2003 with current sales figures of over $12 million and a staff of 500+ employees
  • Women of Influence Award Recipient - Nashville, TN
  • Business of the Year - Human Resources - GoGlobal Conference - International Trade Council - 2019

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