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If you don't have the right strategy, you won't have a successful company. That strategy must include the talent you have on board and those that you look to bring on board.

It's simple, our success in life is determined by the people we meet and what we create together. With that philosophy, I provide effective research-based solutions for businesses and professionals focused on people.

My specialty is people. This is why I created Jen Shakel CPS. To bridge the gap between hiring, professional development, and business outcomes.

Working with professionals to improve their personal marketing materials and leadership skills as well as define their ideal career path. Making sure that they have the connections and network needed to move forward as highly sought after professionals.

Identifying and providing solutions for teams that need to accomplish difficult goals that have fallen off track. Often the reason being that cross-functional and international business teams need support and leadership to learn how to bridge cultural and communication gaps.

When I work with companies my focus is on assessing the talent gaps. Often it isn't that another job description needs to be written and a position filled, it is understanding the talent already on board and knowing whom you need to bring in to move the company forward.

Change Management | Talent Optimization | Engagement | Strategic Consulting
It is a personal mission for me to get the right people in the right place doing what they do best to create lasting success.


2007 - Present

Business Strategy Consultant - Jen Shakeel CPS

  • Collaborate with executive leadership team in strategic resource and planning development initiatives to achieve company goals and objectives and attract quality talent.
  • Documentation specialist for nuclear reactive project with international client. Customizing formatting to alert responsible parties of missing data, areas that were out of range, and risk factors for not meeting deadline.
  • Coordinated business kick-off event, defined project objectives in collaboration with owner, tracked risks, assumptions and managed project schedule and outcomes using Google Sheets to provide real-time data to owner.
  • Coordinating marketing campaigns for online and social media strategy. Proposals for agreements, funding, research and vendor negotiations.
  • Direct brand management, PR, media relations, corporate positioning, product launches, advertising, sales collateral.
  • Established credibility for clients with their customer base. Manage corporate marketing and communications functions, overseeing a $2.3M budget and 8-member team.

2007 - 2020

Independent Contractor - Service Launch | Project Management - Jyve

  • Improved relationships with onsite Kroger staff and home delivery drivers.
  • Stabilized project to allow for growth via addition of service Kroger was able to offer in the form of a pop-up delivery to food desert.
  • In 4 weeks established efficient processes to train new Jyvers and increase speed and accuracy of veteran Jyvers.
  • In 6 weeks proved process to allow for launch of additional pop-up location
  • In 9 weeks had fostered a relationship of commitment, trust and responsibility to allow for third pop-up location to launch.

2015 - 2017

Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chain Coordinator - GGB

  • Decreased indirect material spend by $30K in 7 months.
  • Spearheaded Relo Acclamation Initiative for relocated workforce from a non-union environment to a union environment during cross country move.
  • Improved team communication by 100% through daily face to face meetings with supervisors, plant manager, operators and customer service to ensure communication channels were open and objectives were being met.
  • Coordinate raw material cost reduction and risk management with purchasing teams; Monitors, information derived from material and production control systems.
  • Senior buyer for plant, negotiated new contracts with current suppliers saving $65,000 in my first year, decreased cost of manufacturing process by 30% through Cost Awareness initiative.
  • Improved employee satisfaction by 70% through implementing employee appreciation events on consistent basis

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