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makes it easy to work with me as an advisor in a number of ways


Get my insight on any business topic or situation.

  • 60 Minute Phone Meeting
  • AdvisoryCloud Coordinator


Reserve a standing monthly meeting with me for a year or add me to your advisory board or board of directors.

  • Regular Advisor Meetings
  • AdvisoryCloud Coordinator
  • AdvisoryCloud Dashboard


Hire me as an advisor or board member to help with a key project, due diligence, or a longer term contract.

  • Customizable Advisor Agreement
  • Defined Scope and Timeline
  • Guaranteed Deliverables


AdvisoryCloud has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our member’s per meeting advisory work. If you’re not satisfied with your first meeting with this advisor, AdvisoryCloud will issue you a credit that you can use towards a meeting with another advisor. AdvisoryCloud provides both parties with a sample agenda and questions ahead of the meeting to help both parties be on the same page and have a valuable meeting.
A phone meeting is 60-minutes and generally follows the structure of brief introductions, an overview of the topic to be discussed, questions related to the topic, insights and strategy by the advisor, and ultimately a review of key takeaways from the call. It is strongly recommended that the individual hiring the advisor use the AdvisoryCloud template for meeting agenda and background material to help the advisor prepare ahead of time. While this is not mandatory, the material can be completed in a matter of minutes and is automatically then forwarded to the advisor to review ahead of the call. The goal is by the end of the call to summarize the key takeaways from the meeting and establish actionable next steps when applicable. Clients are consistently amazed at all that can be achieved even in one phone meeting.
AdvisoryCloud handles all payment processing directly through their platform. Phone meetings are paid in advance, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For annual and project-based arrangements, AdvisoryCloud handles all billing and can send you an invoice to process via check or wire. If adding me to an existing board, those generally follow the guidelines of how you directly compensate your other advisors.
When scheduling a meeting it is recommended that you provide three dates and times. I respond promptly to confirm one of those dates or if needed suggest another option. When working together on an annual or project-based arrangement, it generally works best for scheduled consistent check-ins to supplement other correspondence throughout the year/project.
Due to the nature of my schedule, for per meeting work I am not available for an interview. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the ability to provide me with materials ahead of our call, this serves as a way to make sure our meeting is successful. For annual, project-based, and more formal board positions, an interview can be scheduled directly from this page.


Frank Magnotti

CEO / Petram Technologies
Hired 4 Advisors

“Finding expert advisors in the construction, mining, and oil and gas exploration industries is a big enough challenge, but finding experts that have experience in blasting and demolition on top of it is nearly impossible. I knew I had to go beyond my network of colleagues to find qualified candidates, and AdvisoryCloud exceeded my expectations. Within two months, I had a team of highly specialized advisors on board ready for action.”

Melissa Kargiannakis

Founder and CEO
Heuristext Inc.
Hired One Advisor

“AdvisoryCloud gave us access to dozens of precisely matched and brilliantly qualified professionals I never would have otherwise found. I signed up on a Sunday and by Wednesday had interviewed and sent a letter of offer to the successful candidate. Talk about high-quality service at lightning speed.”

Phil LaColla

Hired 7 Advisors

“Many thanks to AdvisoryCloud for helping me find this distinguished group of board advisors. I would not have come across these individuals using my traditional network. I am already seeing how the knowledge value that each person brings to the table is positively impacting the company’s direction and growth.”