James Alampi

Owner and Founder - ALAMPI & ASSOCIATES, LLC


Advisor Biography

James Alampi is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Board Member with more than 30 years of success across the consulting, chemical, and e-commerce industries. Leveraging extensive experience leading business transformation and driving strategy, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance in business operations or goal execution. His broad areas of expertise include startups, board governance, executive coaching, leadership, and business transformation.

Throughout his executive career, James has held leadership positions with Execution Maximizer, Alampi and Associates LLC, and Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.


2008 -

Founder and Chairman - Execution Maximizer - Execution Maximizer

  • Directed proprietary process to help CEOs move from vision to execution
  • Frequent speaker to CEO’s, executive teams, Boards, and trade associations
  • Trained about a dozen business advisors
  • Logged 80 annual public speaking engagements to CEO peer groups globally

1999 -

Founder and Owner - Alampi and Associates LLC - Alampi and Associates LLC

  • Helped the CEO of a $300M food manufacturing company develop and implement a strategic plan and execution process
  • Assisted the CEO of a $440M real estate company in creating a vision and aligning the senior leadership team
  • Worked with the CEO of an Inc. Magazine 500 telemarketing company to develop a leadership and a franchise model
  • Advised the owner and CEO of a $40M construction company in developing and executing a growth strategy to achieve $125M in revenue over three years
  • Served as an officer and director of 20 public and private companies and trade associations

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Business Intelligence

Business Transformation

Change Management


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