Harris Sterling

Co-Founder, Director and Principal - The Starren Group, Inc.

CEO and Entrepreneur with expertise on the Amazon marketplace, logistics, brand development, and advertising

Advisor Biography

Harris Sterling is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 30 years of success across the e-commerce, licensing, music publishing, marketing, and advertising industries. Leveraging extensive experience in navigating the Amazon marketplace, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance on brand development or an Amazon product launch. His broad areas of expertise include partnerships, digital strategy, brand management, social media marketing, growth, and distribution.

Throughout his executive career, Harris has held leadership positions with The Starren Group, Inc., Starting Five Media LLC, The Sonoma Group, and Madacy Entertainment.


January 2011 - Present

Co-Founder - Starting Five Media LLC - Starting Five Media LLC

  • Provides general licensing of music for film and television
  • Worked on music licensing for Publishers Clearing House Television campaigns

1989 - Present

Principal - The Starren Group, Inc. - The Starren Group, Inc.

  • Advises companies on building and managing a brand/market on Amazon
  • Onboarding both U.S and internationally-based brands

2019 - Present

Director - The Sonoma Group - The Sonoma Group

  • Led strategic marketing and brand licensing for the music label. Structured lincensing agreements with Ford Motor Company, Elvis Presley Enterprises, and Crayola

Advisor Skills

Digital Strategy

Brand Management

International Experience