Greg Moyer

Dynamic Experiential Marketer and Growth Strategist


Greg Moyer is an accomplished and solutions-focused Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 25 years of success in experiential marketing, innovation and invention across a multitude of industries. Leveraging extensive experience offering solutions that blend creativity with function, he is a valuable advisor for an organization experiencing market stagnation or responding to competing innovation. His broad areas of expertise include invention/innovation strategies and processes, cultivating and managing creatives and intrapreneurs, mitigation of groupthink, evaluating current hurdles and responding with creative tactical plans with an eye to budgetary constraints and ROI.

Throughout his executive career, Greg has held leadership positions with Innovati, Flow Immersive, Live2media Inc., Infosys, and Moyer & Company.

2015 - Present

Executive Producer, Founder - Innovati


  • Developed a process for quickly transforming of ideas to inventions and creative solutions for 500 projects generating increases of revenue of $4B
  • Pending publication addressing the 7 I's of Invention which provides a roadmap for transforming ideas into an invention
  • Pioneer of facial coding and behavior analytics solutions for exhibit marketing
  • Ongoing strategy and creative for One Identity’s UNITE partner/customer conference that doubled in attendance within the first 2 years in a growing but relatively flat market; attendees represent 60% of OI’s annual revenue

2016 - 2019

CMO, Co-Founder - Flow Immersive

Flow Immersive

  • Co-founder, strategist leading to several patent-pending technology solutions for virtual reality presentation software
  • Custom immersive presentation for Cisco that debut at World Economic Forum 2018. The presentation was based on research from Oxford Economics and was presented more than 200 times positioning Cisco as a global thought leader in “the future of work”

2010 - 2014

CEO - Founder - Live2media Inc.

Live2media Inc.

  • Founder and led product development and go-to-market of new inventions
  • Raised A-round funding
  • Piloted trial deployments with major professional sports receiving 85% positive rating and achieving coveted “Official Licensed Product for the 34th America’s Cup”

2009 - 2012

Principal - Moyer&Company


  • Designed marketing and sales communication programs resulting in a trajectory increase of 400% within six months fulfilling the requirement of IPO underwriter
  • Designed two marketing and exhibit programs for Infosys that were integral in each of them generating more than $200M in revenue by their third year with budgets of zero prior to launching increasing to $500,000 each requiring BOD approval

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Customer Experience

Business Transformation

Go-To-Market Strategy

Business Development

Company or executive-specific business strategy

Business advice related to my role at my company

Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision

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