Eugene Frazier

Founder, CEO, and President - EF Choice and Associates and MyCoachEugene

Spirited Executive Coach • Master Business Consultant • Diversity/Inclusion Champion • M&A Integrations Leader

Advisor Biography

Mr. Eugene Frazier is a solution-focused Executive Coach, Master Business Facilitator, Thought Leader, and the CEO and Founder of EF Choice and Associates and MyCoachEugene, respectively. Eugene has more than 25 years of success across the professional training & development, corporate services, telecom, team-science, and healthcare industries. His broad areas of expertise include sustainable leadership, transitional coaching, team building, virtual transition, inclusiveness and diversity integration, succession planning, innovative entrepreneurship, change management, global growth strategy, sustainable business transformation, and M&A integrations management.

In 2019 Eugene was named as one of Marshall Goldsmith's Top 100 (MG100) Coaches, where he was selected out of 16,000 applications for the Top 100. The group includes leading academics, best-selling authors, corporate/c-suite executives, and renowned executive coaches. Eugene, also proudly serves as a LinkedIn Advisor and as an Inductee into The Forbes Coaches Council.

Eugene holds key leadership positions as Founder, CEO, and President for EF Choice & Associates & MyCoachEugene. Both are robust executive transformation consultancies that tirelessly strive to cultivate effectiveness and efficiency across all business engagements. Here, Mr. Frazier develops and deploys strategic processes, protocols, and strategies that enhance the capability of clients to identify, retain, and properly train vital leadership talent while also reducing the cost and impact of organizational transitions. Further, Eugene is the purveyor and creator of Inclusivity Coaching- a fresh 360 approach to diversity and inclusive principles.

Before founding  EF Choice & Associates, Eugene led as the Chief Operating Officer of Professional Service Aggregation for Global Aggregation Corporation (Investment Entities), Assistant Director of Research Training and Development at The University of Texas Medical Branch, and the Senior Director of Human Resources for Motorola. He has also been an Adjunct Instructor, Faculty Coach, and Mentor, for Benedictine University, Aurora University, and DeVry University. At these institutions, Eugene innovated processes, techniques, and strategies to revamp institutional curriculums and streamline the virtual learning environment for students and faculty.

Mr. Frazier's executive thought leadership and solutions crafting expertise blend with his substantial expertise as an executive coach, and developer of conscious, impactful leaders. Mr. Frazier is revered for his untiring work ethic and his unmatched ability to fully adapt to the unique needs of each client or organization.

Eugene earned his Master’s Degree in Occupational Social Work/Concentration in Employee Assistance Professional, from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently an Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a LinkedIn Advisor, a Certified Professional Life Coach by The Life Coach Institute of Orange County, and certified in M&A Integrations by Pritchett, LP.


2019 - Present

Executive Coaching - Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coaches (MG100)

  • Amplify the collective impact of our exclusive community to improve the world.
  • Prepare, develop, and energize inspired leaders for the future

2010 - Present

Founder, CEO, and President - EF Choice & Associates & MyCoachEugene

  • With our innovative approach we help your organization embrace change, agile methodologies, and principles of diversity, and inclusiveness.
  • We develop more adaptable leaders, transform your teams, and help your organization thrive in constantly changing internal and external environments

2016 - 2020

Assistant Director of Research, Training and Development - University of Texas Medical Branch

  • Build and implement strategic effectiveness programs.
  • Innovate and deliver strategic customized leadership programs, processes, techniques and tools for Research personnel, Faculty and staff support across academic enterprise

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