Ethan Bearman

Innovative Owner and Tech Executive with expertise in media relations, strategy, and business transformation


Ethan Bearman is a solutions-focused Senior Executive, Thought Leader, and Board Member with more than 25 years of success across the broadcast media, media relations, technology, and consulting industries. Leveraging extensive experience with media interactions during crises, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking solutions for data recovery, media messaging, or implementation during a sudden change in events. His broad areas of expertise include SaaS, IT strategy, and business transformation.

Throughout his executive career, Ethan has held leadership positions with the Ethan Bearman Company, Cumulus Media, and TECA Data Safe.

2002 - Present

Owner - Ethan Bearman Company

Ethan Bearman Company

  • Worked with and created solutions for numerous Fortune 1000 companies across different industries
  • Consulted with the largest wine and beer company in North America to optimize systems for a $100M business reengineering project
  • Worked with the largest engineering company in the US to optimize and understand how to run reports in a timely fashion; reanalyzed the order to optimize processes and systems
  • Seen multiple times per week in national media

2014 - 2019

Talk Show Host - Cumulus Media

Cumulus Media

  • Ranked 47th out of the top 100 radio hosts by TALKERS Media in 2018
  • Featured and invited to every top news channel globally, including primetime listings
  • Created and wrote own show

2005 - 2018

Chief Technology Officer and Board Member - TECA Data Safe

TECA Data Safe

  • Created Rapid Rebound, an off-site, rapid (under 24 hours) data recovery system for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Designed data center architecture and led the implementation of a layered security protocol

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects


Business Transformation

Media Relations

Information Technology Strategy

Company or executive-specific business strategy

Feedback on my company’s product/service

Input and advice on a key project

How to interact with media during a crisis/ media relations and messaging/ PR management and strategy