Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret.

Chairman - DuckBird and Company


Advisor Biography

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A Summary

I offer extensive experience consulting on a variety of small businesses needs including; marketing strategies, technology, accounting, inventory management, and the legal issues of doing business, contracts, T&C, etc.

A serial entrepreneur all my life, I was born to a family of multi-generational entrepreneurs, likewise, I have been deeply involved in small businesses and marketing most of my life (1972-present), with information technologies and computers since 1975, and web-technologies since 1991.

In 1985, I put the first computers and custom software into the Clark County Nevada school system (more than a million dollar sale, to one of the biggest school districts in the USA).

I went on to design and develop several of the first 130 websites in the World (1993), and putting Hawaii hotel, activities and tour reservations on the Internet, transitioning from travel agents only Sabre/Apollo systems, to public access via the web (I made the sale and consulted the process, Hawaii Visitors Bureau, and it’s members).

To date, I have built and managed businesses in six states* produced and directed a children’s television show (1994), designed and built hundreds of websites, online stores, social networks and most recently; mobile games and merchant directories.

Consulting several government agencies foreign, and domestic on tourism, passenger transportation, technology, and small business issues, including; the cabinets of six countries*, Canadian Minister of Transport, the US Secretary of Transportation, two Governors*, two Mayors*, one Mayorial champaign, two County Sheriffs, the Hawaii PUC, Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Maui County Council and it’s Mayors, and the King County, Sheriffs Office, WA. Likewise, I designed disaster planning maps for Maui County, won multiple commercial bus and limousine licenses (Maui), and I was also Managing Director, of the Hawaii Passenger Carriers Association (HPCA), in the late 1990s.

An artist at heart, I also attended art school and walked away with a love for graphic design and oil painting. Today, I create about 1-2 dozen new graphic artworks weekly for various projects and clients.

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