Doug Levinson



Doug Levinson is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 25 years of success working with companies (literally) from auto-bodies to antibodies.  Doug has helped companies in high-tech, low-tech; brick and mortar, e-commerce; products and services.  He has experience as an investment banker, corporate executive (in public and private companies), corporate director (in for-profit and non-profit firms), attorney, author and educator.  He specializes in simplifying, clarifying and expressing business concepts in ways that help his clients raise capital, recruit and train key talent, increase profitability, operate efficiently, enter new markets and compete successfully in existing markets.

As an educator, Doug taught for 20 years in 5 top 20 graduate schools in two different disciplines.  While teaching at UCLA's Anderson School, he developed a course to present the essence of a 2 year MBA to law students in a 3 unit class.  This class has been taught in the law and business schools at USC and UC Berkeley.  Doug has shared this material with more than 1,000 practicing lawyers at prestigious national and international law firms.  Doug authored the book 75/25 3/4 of an MBA, 1/4 of the Grief and has also served as an Education Consultant to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  Doug also created a short video for the TedEd program that explains monetary policy.  This video has been viewed more than 2,000,000 times and translated into more than 20 languages.

Doug helps businesses in all stages, from startup to exit, with services ranging from writing business plans and mission statements, to creating org charts, process flow charts financial analysis and modeling including, risk analysis, competitive analysis, marketing strategy and implementation and business development.

Doug is particularly interested in life sciences and high tech companies and was directly involved in selling an internet infrastructure company for more than $500M.

1995 - Present

Strategy That Rocks - Principal

Strategy That Rocks

  • Helped dozens of companies, across industries, grow, increase profitability, deal with challenges and prepare for sale.
  • Focus on finance, operations, marketing, team-building and goverance.
  • Bring clarity and actionable advice to complex issues.
  • Internal and external communications, including business plans, pitch decks, mission statements, org charts, job descriptions, marketing materials, financial modeling.
  • Developed and trademarked MBA In Your Office curriculum and presented those materials to more than 1,000 practicing attorneys and other professionals.

2014 - Present

BioRealm Research -- V.P., Business Affairs

BioRealm Research

  • Handled all business issues for biotech firm specializing in addiction genetics.
  • Built and supervised a prestigious team of professional service providers.
  • Helped raise millions of dollars in grants.
  • Created detailed commercialization road maps.
  • Conceived and implemented program to develop genetic screening technology around opioid addiction.

2003 - 2011 - Present

University of Southern California -- Adjunct Faculty


  • Created and taught Business For Lawyers-- a comprehensive survey course on business topics -- to hundreds of JD candidates.
  • Wrote and published companion textbook.
  • Contributed directly to significant professional accomplishment of students, including partnership in international law firms and election to the California State Senate.
  • Created hundreds of presentation slides that include complex animation, original illustrations and sound effects.

2006 - 2008

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco -- Education Consultant

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

  • Created and implemented educator training materials for a turnkey international trade curriculum for high school students.
  • Delivered training to high school teachers , ensuring that they could effectively present the curriculum to their students.
  • Trained more than 200 teachers.
  • Author, 75/25, 3/4 of an MBA, 1/4 of the Grief

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