Dr. Debra Dupree

Dedicated and innovative President with expertise with coaching, dispute resolution, communications, and psychology


Dr. Debra Dupree is an accomplished, solutions-focused Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 35 years of success across the professional training and development industry. Leveraging extensive experience with executive coaching and developing and improving leadership skills, she is a valuable advisor for an organization creating or enhancing a company culture and repairing a dysfunctional team environment. Her broad areas of expertise include change management, reorganization, negotiations, social media, and communications.

Debra is currently the President of Relationships at Work, Inc., and has held leadership positions with Vistage Worldwide, Inc., SkillPath Seminars, and Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College.

January 2005 - Present

President, Relationships at Work, Inc.

Relationships at Work, Inc.

  • Voted as one of the Top 10 Psychotherapists by Newsweek magazine

February 2016 - Present

Professional Speaker, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

January 2010 - Present

Professional Speaker, SkillPath Seminars

SkillPath Seminars

  • In 2016 ranked Top 10 Corporate Trainers. Elected by participants

January 2003 - Present

Master Trainer & Certified Conflict Dynamics Profile Consultant, Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College

Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Change Management



Dispute Resolution

Business advice related to my role at my company

Feedback on my company’s product/service

Input and advice on a key project

Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision