David Watkins



David Watkins is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Consultant with more than 50 years of success across the advertising, broadcasting, and sports industries. Leveraging extensive experience creating marketing messaging, determining which channels to market to, and creating effective overall marketing strategies, he is a valuable advisor for an organization looking to efficiently grow its business, put an appropriate advertising strategy in place, determine successful investment plans, or create new digital advertisements. His broad areas of expertise include creative marketing development and execution, writing and producing TV, radio, or other digital campaigns, public relations and community image, relationship building, and channel development.

Throughout his executive career, David has held leadership positions with Team Watkins, KING5 TV, and the Seattle SuperSonics.

1995 - Present

Founder - Team Watkins

Team Watkins

  • Founded this advertising agency to develop creative marketing and public relations campaigns for clients from a variety of industries
  • Focused on managing and helping companies find success in the most effective way
  • Built long term relationships and worked closely with many clients for more than 20 years
  • Partnered with major clients including Marketplace at Factoria, a local Volvo Dealership, mortgage and banking firms, and retail jewelers
  • Managed key community events and produces TV and radio commercials for clients

1990 - 1994

Business Development Director - KING5 TV


  • Worked closely with sales department to develop new and innovative business beyond the normal scope of a sales department
  • Put together community programs, partnering with the Seattle Seahawks and growing sponsorships
  • Created non-profit program ideas and built creative sales efforts
  • Honed skills in TV production, writing commercials and established influential relationships

1986 - 1990

Marketing Consultant - David Watkins Company

David Watkins Company

1984 - 1985

Vice President of Marketing - NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers

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