David Eustice, MBA

Dynamic CEO with expertise in military recruiting, operations, and process improvement


David Eustice, MBA, is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 20 years of success across the military and recruitment industries. Leveraging extensive experience in military talent acquisition and strategy, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking guidance in general leadership and/or sales management. His broad areas of expertise include operations, training/mentoring, change management, human resources, and defense.

Throughout his executive career, David has held leadership positions with Military Recruiting Experts, United Heroes League, and Army National Guard.

2017 - Present

CEO - Military Recruiting Experts

Military Recruiting Experts

  • Drive efforts to dramatically improve nationwide clients' YOY performance in delivering missions at all levels of recruiting
  • Oversee all aspects of the only company that offers web-based services for military recruiting, coaching, and consulting

2015 - 2016

Vice President, Regional Development - United Heroes League

United Heroes League

  • Recruited and trained hundreds of volunteers for fundraisers, sports equipment distribution, and special events
  • Organized fundraising and equipment drive events at local military installations while additionally clearing volunteers by utilizing background checks

2013 - 2015

Managing Director of Operations & Operations and Emergency Preparedness Manager - Army National Guard

Army National Guard

  • Improved unit efficiency and functionality by acting as a source of knowledge and guidance for the commanding officer while enhancing the unit’s ability to promote national interests by analyzing needs
  • Promoted strong communication by acting as a liaison between the commanding officer and enlisted service members while playing an active role in service member development by identifying and assigning individuals to a variety of international roles
  • Ensured the National Guard’s ability to respond to domestic needs by collaborating with civilian and military partners on the planning and execution of operational strategies

1996 - 2013

Director of Sales and Operations - Army National Guard

Army National Guard

  • Ensured the readiness of the state’s National Guard by taking a leadership role in the implementation of human resources best practices, including the execution of hiring, talent management, and development practices which resulted in long-term success
  • Led a National Guard sales team and provided development and training to improve their ability to identify and recruit prospective members

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