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Passionate Environmental Consultant with expertise in leadership, communication and training

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Daniel Theobald is an accomplished Environmental Consultant, Advisor, and Thought Leader with more than forty-seven years of data managing to manufacturers' executives, managers, engineers, and operators. 

During the first fourteen years of Daniel's career, he was a financial professional to various manufacturers and is currently TheWasteWaterWizard (http://www.TheWasteWaterWizard.com/), known as "WasteWaterDan, a professional wastewater and safety consultant and trainer. 

Daniel started his wastewater consulting and training enterprise in 1989 and has experienced continued success throughout his career. With hard work and dedication, Daniel's hands-on experience operating multiple wastewater treatment processing units guided the reduction of $300,000 chemical usage in one year for a client accessing real-time data from a customizable remote system. 

Daniel supplemented his professional career, appearing on national TV and composing several technical articles in water and wastewater publications, including the Water Environmental Federation.

Daniel has received numerous testimonials, such as "Dan has impressed me with his competence, commitment to meeting client needs, good communications, saving clients' money and demonstrating the savings. I enjoy working with Dan and recommend him to my clients from Robert Stevens, The Stevens Group, LLC". Other Testimonials are; "Dan's passion, dedication, and desire to perform well are rare" by Steve Pruitt and "If you have a problem, call Dan he will get you fixed in a hurry" by Chad Easley. 

Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Ferris State University. For at least thirty years, Daniel has been an "A" level licensed Wastewater Operator and, in 1990, Certified Environmental Trainer from the National Environmental Trainers Association.


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