Dr. Dale L. Moore

Transformational Leader, Speaker, Executive Coach and Advisor in Strategic Thinking, Innovation, and Enterprise Agility


Dr. Dale L. Moore is the Founder and President of The Moore Group LLC, a strategy, innovation and transformation services company focused on engaging with clients to achieve world-class performance. Dale is an accomplished Senior Executive, Advisor, and Thought Leader with more than 35 years of success across the government, security and defense industries. His broad areas of expertise include strategic thinking and planning, creativity and innovation, leadership development, organizational learning, continuous process improvement, cultural change, and digital transformation. Dale is a Strategist, Innovator, Author, Speaker, Consultant and held a leadership position as the Director for Strategy and Innovation for DASN(RDT&E) where he led the development, deployment, and implementation of the Department of the Navy's 30 Year Research and Development Plan, and served part-time on the ASN(RDA) Agility Campaign and as a Department of the Navy Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC) Associate. He has served as the Director, Strategic Initiative Coordination and Execution for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), and as the Director, Strategic Cell for the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD). Prior to these roles, Dale was the N-UCAS Chief Systems Engineer for the X-47B in PMA-268, the NAVAIR Lean Six Sigma "AIRSpeed" Deputy Corporate Deployment Champion, and the NAVAIR National Competency Lead for Materials Research and Engineering. For his exceptional leadership, he has been recognized by the Department of the Navy (DON) for the Meritorious Civil Service Award (3X). Dale obtained his doctorate in the Executive Leadership Program - EdD from The George Washington University, an MS SE in PD-21 Product Development/Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, as well as a BS ME in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Delaware. 

- Present

Founder and President

The Moore Group LLC

  • Developed a training curriculum for Process/Value Stream Mapping for major client
  • Providing consulting for Disruptive Innovation, ML/AI, Organizational & Business Development, and Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Chaired/Participated in Wharton Aerospace 2020 and the Naval War College "AI at War" Workshop
  • Completed Northwestern University 9-week online course entitled, "Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies for Transformation"

2015 - 2019

Director for Strategy and Innovation - DASN(RDT&E)


  • Led the DON RDTE Strategic Cell leveraging over 100 contributors across the Federal Government
  • Developed, deployed and implemented the first DON 30 Year Research and Development Plan
  • Founded and led the Department of the Navy's Strategic Thinking Community of Interest (COI)

2010 - 2015

Director, NAWCAD Strategic Cell - Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD)

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD)

  • Led the development of the NAWCAD Strategic Plan and NAWCAD Strategic Operating Plan
  • Led the NAWCAD 2030 Strategic “MMOWGLI” Assessment – involving the world’s first crowdsourcing of an ecosystem-wide strategic plan

2011 - 2013

Director for Strategic Initiative Coordination and Execution - NAVAIRSYSCOM


  • Responsible for strategic enterprise operations, environmental scan/awareness, strategic thinking and analysis, strategy and goals formulation, strategy development and execution management
  • Led the development of the NAVAIR Long Range Strategy


I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects

Research And Development

Change Management

Business Transformation

Product Development

Input and advice on a key project

Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision

Strategic Thinking & Planning Agility/Complexity Leadership Strategic Communication

Cultural change and transformation