Charles Wilhelm MD

Consultant - Managed Care Industry and Legal aspects of Managed Care


Advisor Biography

Charles Wilhelm is a solutions-focused Senior Executive with more than 45 years of success across the healthcare industry. Leveraging extensive experience with all aspects of managed care, he is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking an expert on medical data analysis and the patient-physician interspace. His broad areas of expertise include physician management and networking, healthcare financing and reform, quality assurance, and information technology.

Throughout his executive career, Charles has held leadership positions with Principal Finacial Groups, Health System One,Physician Corporation af America,Av-Med Health Plans, Ameriplan, and the U.S. Department of Justice among others.

Dr. Wilhelm also has 15 years experience as a practicing physician and 20 years of experience as a certified witness for defendents and plaintiffs in the managed care area.


February 2016 - Present

Consultant to Managed Care Industry - Charles C Wilhelm MD - Charles C Wilhelm MD

  • After 4 decades of being a senior medical officer for multiple federally qualified managed care companies I now am a consultant.

February 1998 - February 2016

Chief Medical Officer, Health System One - Health System One

  • Developed unique managed care products

2008 - June 2012

Consultant - US Dept of Justice Fraud And Abuse Medical - USA Government

  • 30 years of experience as a certified expert in managed care with participation in over 100 cases either by consultation, depositions, or testimony in trial.

Advisor Skills

Disease Management

Health Economics

Data Analysis


Health Insurance